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Spanish SnacksSpain is a well-known country famous for its culture, arts and of course it’s delicious recipes. Spanish cuisines are heavily influenced by seafood available from the waters which surrounds the country. In this blog I have given concise information about Spanish Appetizers Menu.


The Spanish cuisine varies from region to region, depending on the climate and cultures. The Spanish people eat a Mediterranean diet which includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and their main source of fat is olive oil, rich in monosaturated fat. Spanish cuisines are called as “people’s cuisines” because most of the dishes are down-to-earth, uncomplicated and made from the ingredients available locally or the crops grown regionally.


Appetizers are appreciated by almost everybody across the world. When it comes to appetizers, the most interesting part is that each country has its own appetizer recipes. Below are given the list of best Spanish appetizers:


Escalivada: Escalivada is a salad which includes different types of grilled vegetables, like eggplant, red tomatoes or red peppers. The salad can be seasoned with olive oil, garlic and salt.


Migas: Migas are the traditional dish of Spain which can be made with the leftover bread. The ingredients for making migas can entirely be your choice. You can make the dish with day-old bread soaked in water along with garlic, pimento, olive oil or even with chorizo and bacon.


Pincho: Pincho is a snack item which is very traditional in Northern Spain. It includes a small piece of bread on which you can put the mixture of ingredients and held together everything with a stick. Fish such as cod or hake, or stuffed peppers can be used for the ingredients.


Tapas: Tapas are the finger food snacks which can be prepared from anything from a chunk of tuna, cocktail onion or meat. The Spanish people always accompany their alcohol with food and so tapas are always served in bars and are the perfect accompaniments to a good dry or sweet Mediterranean wine.Spanish Appetizers


Zarangollo: Zarangollo is a very simple dish which includes the scrambled eggs with zucchini, onions along with some herbs such as oregano.


Gazpacho: Gazpacho is a vegetable soup prepared from the stale bread, garlic and olive oil. You can also add tomato and bell pepper. The dish can be served both cold and hot. If it is served cold, it is known as Gazpacho and if it is served hot, it is called as Gazpacho Manchego.


Thus these are some of the easy and best Spanish appetizers. For more information on recipes, you can visit our Spanish recipe section page.


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