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Chicken FingersAppetizers mark the begiining of any meal. The appetizer menu that I have put together offers some really flavorful and tasty food varieties that would make any event a successful one. You should consider several things before planning appetizers menu. You should include a variety of items to satisfy all your guests starting from adults to kids. Try to include kid friendly appetizers to lure kids and non fatty appetizers to satisfy dieters. Good appetizers are great to start the events. Here are some appetizers menu ideas for you.

Classic Appetizer Menu Ideas 

Adding traditional items in you appetizers menu is a good choice. Do not think twice about including them, these are usually liked by all. Some of the items include relish trays, deli meats and cheese. Do some variations in the item such as adding flavored olives instead of green olives with celery pickles and pimentos.Offer salami slices with cream cheese; make sure to chose the cheese that most of guest would like, usually cheddar and similar varieties are all time favorites.

Healthy Appetizer Menu Ideas

Nowadays most of the people are health conscious while others have certain dietary restrictions.  Prepare healthy appetizers and label them as it would confusing  to find whether the bowl of dip is made of low fat yogurt or full fat cream. Besides labeling them, group these foods separately so it is easy for your guest. Further it’s too tempting for your guest when you place it among other foods. Garnishing is important to make healthy appetizers look as good as other items. Fresh fruit tray is colorful and tasty, to make fruit tray interesting add fruits like mangoes, star fruit and kiwi.

Chips, Sandwiches and Dips

Cucumber SandwichEveryone would like to have sandwiches as appetizer, fill them with different cheeses and meats to bring variety. Make them tasty by adding roast beef and provolone, egg salad, chicken salad and turkey and Swiss cheese. For vegans make sandwiches using tomatoes, American cheese and lettuce. Cucumber sandwiches are simple, easy to make and liked by all. Sandwiches go well with chip dips. Tortilla chips or potato chips can be included with salsa, cheese dip, ranch, bean, guacamole and sour cream. You can also serve sliced vegetables and crackers with dips.


NutsAand Mixes

Include nuts and mixes to your appetizer menu, these crunchy foods are delicious and loaded with nutrients. Cereals are baked using butter and are seasoned. Mixed nuts in bowls are tasty options and also very impressive.



Plan appetizers menu depending on the event, for example a super bowl party would require appetizers that are easy to eat as you would be busy watching the screen. Whereas a cocktail party should match the alcohol you plan to serve, so meats and cheese, smoked salmon and bacon wrapped scallops are some of the choices. Plan a proper appetizer menu and enjoy them along with main meal.

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Appetizers Menu