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Lobster Menu

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Lobster on a plate

Thinking of creating a lobster menu? Look no further. Here are some fantastic ideas to serve this crustacean. Things that you should know about the lobster before actually cooking it is that the main fishing season for it is in the summers but you can find it all year round.  Whatever the kind of lobster, the tail can be cooked and enjoyed in a variety of dishes. Here are some great lobster menu ideas.




Barbeque Lobster Tails

To really enjoy lobster tails, try grilling them. Cooking the lobster tails in their shells makes certain that the meat stays clammy and flavorful. Try coupling the lobster tails with butter and lemon wedges once they finish cooking.


Stuffed Grilled Lobster Tails

Lobster tails

Grilled lobster tails go really well with a small chunk of butter. You can stuff the entire lobster or just the tails depending on your budget.  If you do decide to just use the tail and still have the other half of the lobster, it can be used in different ways with the stuffing.


Fresh Baked Lobster Tail


Baking fresh lobster tails is a straightforward and scrumptious way to entertain guests or have an idealistic dinner at home. Baking is not as dicey as broiling or grilling, and you can modify the marinade to suit your taste. Although you can cook the lobster tails sans aluminum foil, using foil will help to seal in moisture and avert the lobster tails from getting too dry.


Lobster Pizza


This menu item will not be found too easily and definitely not in your local pizzeria. This dish will truly be a sea food lover’s delight. This is basically a different twist on the same old pizza pies you are used to eating.


Roasted Lobster Tails


Roasting lobster tails will have them browning or caramelizing. To add some extra flavor, brush on a glaze over the lobster tail and create texture as well. Successfully roasted lobster tails must be cut properly and cooked at a precise temperature to avoid burning.


Now that you know all these wonderful lobster menu ideas, definitely plan a great lobster party. All your seafood loving friends are going to have a fantastic time gobbling down that crustacean.


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Lobster Menu