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Asian Buffet Menu

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Asian Buffet Menu

Asian Buffet Menu is usually a staggering array of exotic dishes each one exceeding the other in terms of taste and flavor. However, it would be slightly more optimistic to assume that you would have a selection of dishes from all over the world when it comes to an Asian Buffet. Instead you would have to settle for the cuisine of the Far East countries primarily especially those from china and Japan. There is no reason for being disappointed though. You will find yourself unable to taste every item displayed in front of you. It will, therefore be wise to pick and chose when it comes to the Asian Buffet menu. Let’s see what we can expect…


Salad Bar


Asian Buffet Menu


Check out the salad bar which is certain to feature a seaweed salad along with a platter of tasty delectable seafood morsels that can be eaten raw. Edamame is a soy bean salad that is as healthy as it is tasty. Take your pick before you move on to the main food section.



Stare goggle eyed at the wide variety of soups displayed which includes a Wong ton soup, egg drop soup and a wide selection of hot and sour soups. The vegetable and tofu filed soup is a delicious way to the heart of the vegan diner.


Rice & Noodles

Asian Buffet Menu


The staple from Asia features prominently in the Asian Buffet menu. A variety of fried rice dishes along with Lo mein or soft noodles and white rice based chow meins complement the tasty dishes that are displayed on the buffet menu.


Seafoods & Meats

Beef, pork or chicken you can have it all immersed in tasty tangy and spicy sauces that remind you of lands lying to the East. Lobster, shrimps and a variety of oyster dishes help to enliven the palate and you will be loathe to move on even after you have had your fill.


Sushi & Sashimi

Asian Buffet


Eel, crab and tuna sushi along with the White fish sashimi is bound to make you appreciate the fresh taste of raw fish served as tiny bite sized morsels.


Grab one of those Asian sheet cakes or a bowl of lychee flavored ice-cream as you bid adieu to the Asian Buffet menu satiating your soul and stomach at the same time.


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Asian Buffet Menu