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30 Minute Menu

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30 Minute Menu IdeaThe importance of having a 30 Minute menu in place is something that I understood when my friend called me and told me that she is coming down in half an hour. And I did manage to come up with few dishes that I have written down here as my ’30 Minute Menu’. These are commonly used recipes, but there are chances that they may never strike you when you require them the most. Check out these 30 minute menu ideas. You never know when they will come handy.


An Exotic 30 Minute Menu


Deep Fried French Fries 


I am sure you will always have potatoes with you always. So, just take few, peel off, slice and make the French Fries. An ideal starter of a 30 minute menu, yYou hardly need 10 to 12 minutes to prepare French Fries for 4 to 6 people. Serve the hot steaming finger food with tomato sauce and a spicy red paprika sauce.


Salted Cracker Appetizer


Salted crackers should always be stored in your cupboard. These simple things can be turned into royal snacks when you need for prepareing a 30 minute menu. Take out the necessary salted crackers. Top each with a mixture of cream whipped along with pepper, salt and crushed roasted garlic. Add few chopped cilantro/mint leaves and serve.


French Toast 


Classic 30 Minute Menu Idea

A traditional breakfast item, you can use this as a snack in times of emergencies. The easiest and simplest of the versions need just egg-milk-sugar mixture and bread loaves. You can serve them warm with maple syrup or honey. If you have cinnamon powder, sprinkle a little on the hot French Toast for a royal elegance.


Banana & Cashew Butter Sandwich 



Relishing 30 Minute Menu

Sandwiches, in any shape or form or with any filling, are enjoyed by everyone. Try out this sandwich prepared with a filling of golden caramelized roasted bananas, honey and cashew butter. If you don’t have cashew butter, just powder the cashew, blend with honey and butter and use it as your spread for a yummy sandwich.


Classic Lemonade 


The Royal Drink Lemonade

A sip of the classic lemonade is sufficient to ease all the tiredness and fatigue. It is so versatile that it gels well with any situation and season. A refreshing drink, you can prepare a salted version also. Tweak the classic lemonade with herbs and spices of your choice and serve to quench the thirst of your guests.


Fruit Salad


An undefeatable dessert choice, fruit salad is perfect dessert option for a 30 minute menu. A low fat dessert, you can just cute the fruits you have at home and toss with little sweetened whipped cream and serve.




End the party with a steaming hot cup of Cappuccino. Be it an instant one or a traditionally prepared one, few sips of this hot beverage refreshes and energizes the drinker in minutes.


So, next time you need a 30 minute menu, choose this and have a great time!



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30 Minute Menu