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Hong Kong Menu

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Hong Kong Menu

Hong Kong menu have unique flavor and texture and definitely makes for a gourmet styled cuisine enough to heighten your senses.Hong Kong people have self made taste and this is reflected in their food and various unusual but delicious culinary preparations. Those who love binging on noodles, rice, seafood’s, sushi portions, and chopstick chow mien would love to breeze Hong Kong menu restaurants. The foods are however bit greasy in outlook, but the taste of Hong Kong recipes makes you more curious and eager to try new varieties.


Hong Kong menu is all about fried noodles, veg fried rice recipes, egg rolls of heavenly taste, fish and sushi oriented foods, and dim sums. Hong Kong menu is very much inspired from Chinese versions and this is the reason that gives such menu very spicy and saucy taste. Some of the Hong Kong menu items are detailed below for more acquaintance.


Hong Kong Menu

Your craving for high quality taste of rice and noodles, and sea foods can instantly be satiated in the Hong Kong styled restaurants. They are wonderful in serving course meal with Eastern and Thai mix of recipes.


First to go on your plate as appetizers can be Winter Melon soup, this is made out of Hong Kong special melons and cheesed up with special herbs and ingredients. Following this, order some Asparagus tinkled salad with Ham and Asian pears. You can also try some bean and carrot soup which has bitter and sweet flavor. They increase your appetite and make you crack up on main course meals of Hong Kong.


Cold Sesame Noodles – It is one of those favorite versions of noodles loved even by aristocrats. The noodles are blended with pasta tossed with white vinegar and cold sesame sauce covering it all over. Of course, the taste can be adjusted by increasing more salt or decreasing more sugar.


Egg NoodlesEgg Balsam Noodles – It is akin to noodles recipe with major difference. It has egg based preparation with balsamic vinegar spruced all over. A great taste to enjoy with your family.


Oriental Cuisine – Hong Kong menu offers you some delicious oriental cuisine to suit every one’s taste buds. The puzzling mix of chicken liver, cream, cheese, and some special condiments and spices makes the oriental palate a dish to remember for life time. It can be accompanied with special cold Hong Kong tea.


Sizzling Steamed Rice Varieties – You can experience the feel of the Hong Kong culture by having some sizzling fried and steamed rice with scented versions as well. People generally have this with wine and mark the advent of New Year celebration


Sushi and Shrimps sandwiches – Brunch ideas from Hong Kong kitchen are equally impressive. They have special treat of sushi, mustard, and cheese sandwiches which is tantalizing for non sushi lovers also!


Enjoying Hong Kong menu in different style and combination can get you addicted to the taste and make you yearn more and more for it!


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Hong Kong Menu