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Tandoori Menu

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Foods cooked and baked in a cylindrical clay oven are generally called Tandoori foods. Tandoori Menu is perfect for special occasions like wedding, birthday or New Year parties. Because of its delicious earthen taste, this specialty of Persia (Iran), has crossed all boundaries and is one of the favorite foods worldwide.

Here are some of Tandoori Menu options.

Tandoori Aloo Aka Roasted Potatoes

Toss slowly roasted whole potatoes in a spicy mixture and serve it at any party. Your guests will simply love it. They make an awesome cocktail snack. You can serve them as an appetizer or as a side dish along with the main course.

Tandoori Paneer (Roasted Cheese)

Short of ideas? Try tandoori paneer in your next barbeque. Marinated cheese in Tandoori masala becomes so soft and juicy that you won’t resist yourself taking one after another. Serve it with roasted veggies like mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes and onions as appetizer and give a perfect start to your party. Cheers to these low-oil starters!

Tandoori Roti (Roasted Indian Breads)

Indian breads like naan, lancha paratha (layered bread), pudina paratha (mint bread), keema naan (meat stuffed bread), onion naan (onion stuffed bread), roti are pressed against the clay sides of tandoor walls and can be served as a side dish along with the main course. Health conscious people opt for tandoori breads because they are made in less oil.

Tandoori Fish

Serve tandoori fish, marinated in plain yogurt with ginger-garlic paste and spices and cooked in tandoori oven, with barbecue sauce and mint leaves as an appetizer to your guests.

Tandoori Chicken

Marinated chicken in yogurt is dipped in traditional Indian spices and condiments to make this one of the most delightful tandoori menu dishes. Basically tandoori chicken is an Indian/Pakistani dish, but its great flavor, color and aroma has made it famous worldwide. The dish is moderately hot and spicy, still considered healthy as it is almost oil free. Serve it as your main course dish. You can dice any meat like lamb, beef or pork, marinade them and cook them in tandoor.They all taste great.

Tandoori Chicken Kebab

Tandoori chicken kebabs are perfect choice for family meals as they can be prepared well in advance. While they keep you out of kitchen, they are great crowd-pleasers as both kids and adults like them equally. Spicy chicken kebabs taste great when served with cooling yogurt or Indian bread - naan. Serve them as part of the main course meal. 

Tandoori Turkey

After experiencing the oil-free health benefits of other tandoori foods, would you like to try something innovating with turkey? Don’t be surprised - smoking the whole bird into a tandoor will turn out incredibly aromatic – much beyond your expectations. Simply try Tandoori Turkey and share your experience.

Enjoy these tandoor menu at home! Happy Eating!

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Tandoori Menu