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KFC Menu

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KFC Menu

KFC menu is all about eating fried, tasty, delicious starters, appetizers, brunch, and dinner. KFC is abbreviated form of Kentucky Fried Chicken which has its original home in Louisiana, Kentucky. KFC has been famous since the time it launched its fast food chain restaurants across the globe. The surprising part of the story of kfc birth is that none of the other restaurant has sprung up to counter kfc popularity.


The lip smacking dishes and highly secret recipes makes KFC, hot favorite of people of all ages. KFC serves fried chicken wings, also now different versions of roasted and grilled chicken with great spicy jazzy flavor and taste. Apart from chicken stuffs, KFC also serves, vegetarian versions of burgers, mushy and squelchy snacks made out of beans, seasonal vegetables, specially prized sausage and dips. Some of the great menu of KFC is here to go. Come, let’s explore the KFC menu which is feast to our eyes and treat to our tongues.


KFC Menu Description


It is well known for all those KFC fans that the chain boast of using its own secret spices and ingredients which is valuable enough to be locked in a vault! Well, it’s very true that KFC uses some combination and permutation of eleven special to heart herbs, which are actually responsible to make you go wild and crazy for its foods.


 KFC`s Renowned Recipes


KFC fried chicken – This is one of the most famous recipes offered from kitchen. The super crispy and delicately crusty version of this chicken is difficult to resist, for non vegan sections. Most of the people come to KFC just to have a crunchy bite of this oh so yummy variety of chicken. However, never ever think of trying your own at home, because cresting duplicate KFC recipe seems easy but infact is nothing more than imagination!


Sandwiches –  KFC is highly prized for offering yum yum sandwiches in both vegan and non vegan versions. Non vegan sandwiches needs special mentioning because they are stuffed with grilled or crusty boneless chicken, layered with sweet Hawaiian buns. The taste can drive you go nuts.


Other ravishing variations in sandwiches are barbecued grilled sandwiches, doublicious, double down and honeyed bbq.


Special KFC Treats


Besides all this, KFC has recently introduced some relishing, vintage recipes which also include combo brunch and refreshments. Some of them chicken porridge combo, Riser combo with orange juice or chilled ice tea flavors.


A whole sole KFC meal will include a chicken fillet, some flavored drink of your choice, French fries with some cheesy or jalapeno dips, and some sweet dessert like cheesecake, lemon pie, or fudge – o-brownie.


Well, the list of KFC menu may be endless, but the specialty of KFC dumplings and nuggets hold in their taste and nutrition. 


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KFC Menu