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Thai Menu

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Thai Menu

If you are planning to have a dinner party, then tthe ideal choice is to plan a Thai menu. This 'wow'ingly amazing cuisine offers you countless choices to choose from - from the simple to the very complex ones. Thai menu is a delicious combination of innumerable sticky rice delicacies, sweet and sour soups and desserts, sea food delicacies, and many fruits, herbs, vegetables, spices and condiments infusions.


The central dogma followed in all Thai foods is the balance of five distinct taste of sweet, sour, spicy, salty and bitter. Thai cuisine covers wide range of locations with their geographical food preferences. The four different zones prefer some special culinary preparations and you get the feel and taste of garlic, mint, lemon, coconut in accordance. Read on to know more.


Thai Menu


Rice dishes are eaten with much love and acceptance. The concurrently served food stuffs along with boiled, or fried rice, can be fish sauce, mustard curry, fish curry, sweet chili sauce, and sweet and sour pasty coconut curry. The variety of sauces especially made in Thai style is names as nam chin.


Noodles of countless flavor and taste are served with nam chin, garnished with condiments; garlic, and ginger, flakes of red pepper chili adore them in unique way. Thai love to add liquid touch to their every noodles preparation so a saucy, spicy, flowing consistency should not surprise you on the rolls.


 General family based Thai menu should consist of rice garnished with raw garlic, spicy red curry paste, delicious combination of beef, beans, peanuts, curd salad, spicy papaya salad, and cooling mint juice.


Thai Menu

Thai cuisine is marked by prominent presence of grilled meat foods, like grilled beef salad, grilled spicy meat balls, and many more to water up your senses.

Vegetable raw soups with pasty noodles and fried cabbage balls called Manchurian are staple food of Thailand. Thai people make it special with some crisp veg rolls and tofu with seaweeds all dipped into vegetable soups and guzzle the drink come food to satiate them.


Thai food are quite fillings, one serving can help you gain good amount of not so fattening calories. Some of the non veg stuffs like fish packed with lemon juice and lime leaves all steamed and spiced makes great protein based delicacy.


Khanom chim is one of the names of famous cuisine comprising of freshly steamed and spiced rice noodles which is given a very distinct serving on plates. They are garnishes with special Thai lemon called Keefer lemon and seasoned with mint and thyme leaves.


One of the special rice puddings made in northern Thai style is sweet sticky rice which has more of starchy nutrient to make it sticky. People roll it in banana leaves and make it sweet and sour according to their likes.


Thai menu is richly endowed with infusions of herbs and fresh green vegetables. Several Thai preparations include cilantro, spearmint, lemon grass, cilantro, special Thai fruits called manana.


Mushrooms varieties are another great feature of Thai cuisine, they perk up the taste of mushroom by special condiments and herbs.


This was a short journey to Thai menu and would suffice to your special interest in Thai menu.

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Thai Menu