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Buffet Menu

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Buffet Menu

Having a good buffet menu in place will ease out all your worries about your party.But this needs a little bit of hard work as you need to satisfy the taste buds of the choosiest among the group. The basic concept of a buffet menu is to prepare a mix and match menu with your favorite dishes that gels well with the situation. So what are you waiting for? Read an know more about the various buffet menu ideas.


Buffet menu ideas


First you should plan the theme whether it is a baby shower buffet, holiday buffet or birthday party. The food selection should match the theme, like if you plan for a thanksgiving buffet then serve turkey and sweet potatoes which is considered traditional feast for thanksgiving.  Also consider who will be your guests, if more children are expected to attend the party, include lot of kid friendly foods like chicken fingers, hot dogs and tasty desserts.


Breakfast Buffet Menu


As breakfast is considered important food of the day, try to include different foods to suit different people.  Eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, cereals, breads, and fruits like oranges, blueberries, kiwis, melons, strawberries, and apples are some items that can be included in your buffet. Opt for tasty and creative Breakfast buffet menu ideas.


Cold Buffet Menu



Here in cold buffet menu you can add lot of food that helps to make sandwiches. Wide variety of breads, croissants and baguettes and sandwich meats that includes roast beef, turkey and chicken can be added to the menu. Cheese are the tasty part of sandwiches, add Monterey jack cheese and cheddar with tomatoes and lettuce. Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard are some of the condiments that can be served to add flavor to the food. You can also get some cold foods like quiche, vegetables, fruit salads and sweet crackers.


Dinner Buffet Menu 


Traditional American buffet menu usually has roast ham, roast turkey, roast chicken and roasted beef. Provide more variety of brown gravy to pour on top of the main dishes. The side dishes to be included are French fries, stuffing, macaroni, mashed potatoes and cheese. Serve seafood such as lobsters, shrimps and variety of fish. Besides salads and vegetables, add desserts like ice cream, cookies and pudding,


Buffet menu is very flexible and hence you can inlcude whatever you wish to, but just stick to the theme if you expect some cool appreciation from your guests. 

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Buffet Menu