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Breakfast Menu

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Planning and keeping a breakfast menu will help you to avoid skipping your breakfast. A healthy breakfast is essential for the proper functioning of human body, plus it has some cool benefits also. Breakfast menu should include foods that are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals so that it gives energy throughout the day. Breakfast menu are prepared based on the time available in the morning. It is essential to prepare healthy breakfast menu to cater our body nutrition need and to keep us less hungry.

Vegetable and Egg

Include vegetables and eggs in your Breakfast menu. Instead preparing them separately, combine the two. Sauté vegetables in oil and cook till it turns tender, and then on top of it add beaten egg.  Wait till the egg cooks well and turns opaque. If you feel whole egg would be too heavy, just add egg whites. For flavor add herbs and serve it with cheese or salsa. Include lot of vegetables as it contains lot of fiber and other vitamins. Fresh spinach, sliced carrots, cabbage and other fresh or frozen vegetables can be part of breakfast menu based on your preferences. Include tofu for a healthy breakfast menu option.


People who have less time in the morning can go for instant oats. It can be cooked fast and is a tasty breakfast. Plain oatmeal is very bland; make it interesting by mixing flavored yogurt, peanut butter and jam, fresh or dried cut fruits or fruits juice. Oatmeal with cut strawberries or raspberries is very nice to taste. You can also add chopped nuts, packaged cereal and seeds. If you are bored with sweet tasting Oatmeal, turn it into a savory with bacon, cooked eggs and cheese.


Smoothies are filling and tasty breakfast option. Prepare smoothie using yogurt, fruit juices and fruits. Frozen fruits can be blended along with smoothie that gives the required consistency and also makes it nutritious. Dieters can use non fat milk and protein powder and substitute honey for sugar. While offering to kids, use more of nuts and top it with thick cream.


Varieties of breads are served at breakfast. Waffles, pancakes, muffins, and biscuits are listed in the breakfast menu.  Many prefer taking bread made from white flour; but cereals and bread made using whole grain flour is the healthy option.


Coffee or tea is the popular breakfast beverage. Besides this, there are different fruit juices like tomato, orange and sweet lime. Opt for fresh juices with less sugar so they do not add more calories.

When you prepare breakfast menu, try to include fruits and vegetables that are healthy and can provide enough energy to do our regular activities.

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Breakfast Menu