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Halal Menu

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Halal Menu

Planning for a Halal Menu might seem a trifle difficult at first especially if you have no inkling about Halal food. Well, the permissible foods recommended by the Islam religion are known as Halal items and it is quite possible to plan and serve an entire menu comprising of authentic Halal ingredients. Let us check out a few Halal Menu ideas in order to keep ourselves abreast of the facts.


Some of the dishes that are mentioned here contain nothing out of the ordinary while the poultry dishes need to be prepared with chicken butchered in the Halal style. The things that need to be kept in mind while preparing Halal foods are...


 Foods Allowed

 Foods Restricted

Halal Meat

Meat of unknown origin, Pork


Shellfish & Amphibians



Dairy Products

Blood or dishes containing blood












A combination of lentils and whole wheat bulgur can help you to prepare a spicy protein rich dish. Topping the dish with crisply fried onion slices will help to enhance the taste of this starter heading the Halal Menu at your table.


Musakhan Wraps

Halal Menu Ideas

Spicy chicken cutlet strips wrapped within a bread roll can definitely provide a Middle East twist to your Halal dinner party. Be sure of getting the ingredients from a store specializing in Halal food and your food is certain to be a success.


Chicken Pasta

A perfect main dish which can actually be one of the really cool Halal Menu ideas for your dinner party. Just add some tomato halves, sliced mushrooms and minced Halal chicken to the pasta dish and serve it garnished with crumbled cottage cheese.



Halal Menu- Desserts

A baked dessert dish made with semolina, coconut shavings and eaten by pouring sugar syrup over it. Garnished with almond slivers it is indeed a sweet and fitting end to the wonderful Halal Party that is sure to earn you kudos.


It is possible to include a host of traditional American dishes to your Halal Menu with a few variations. Remember to respect the food restrictions and you will be sure of making a name as a superb Halal Party host.


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Halal Menu