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Top 5 Diabetes Diet Menu Ideas

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Diabetes diet is different from the diet for other illness. It is targeted specifically towards reducing the sugar content in the blood which is higher in diabetic people. Fortunately diabetics can control their illness with restricted diet and a meal plan that is easy to follow. The common question a diabetic will have is ‘what kind of food do I eat ?’ Dieticians are able to chart out a daily food plan as part of the diabetes diet.


Strictly following this diet is beneficial in improving the blood sugar: insulin ratios and managing it.The problem that diabetics face is the presence of excess sugars in the blood that is not being broken down due to insufficient insulin in the system. So doctors usually recommend a diet plan and if that does not help then insulin shots are taken to bring down the levels.


Best Diabetese Diet Menu Ideas


1. Reduced Carbohydrate menu: Carbohydrates found in foods such as rice, pasta, potatoes, cereals and bread increase the blood glucose levels. Reduce intake of carbohydrates by choosing wisely. Choose a breakfast with whole wheat bread, skimmed milk or papaya and low fat yogurt. For lunch a whole wheat sandwich stuffed with vegetables and turkey with yogurt and fruit salad will do the trick. For dinner one could go for whole grain tortilla or grilled chicken with salad and soup on the side.


2. Reduced serving size menu: Another great idea for diabetes diet is to reduce the portion size. The serving size has to come down from what you were previously eating. The serving size for each food group needs to be monitored. A dietician usually gives a chart of the quantity you need to eat from each group. For example your dietician might recommend you have ½ a banana, a full orange or apple or half a cup of fruits. The carbohydrate may get reduced to 1/3 cup of rice or 1 slice of bread or ½ cup of yam or sweet potatoes. Similarly the serving size of meat and poultry may be reduced too along with dairy products. (1 cup low fat milk or low fat yogurt).


3. Reduced sugars and substitute sweeteners: Diabetics in particular need to be extra cautious with the sugar intake. There is natural sugars occurring in fruits and milk then there is the processed sugar that we use. These can be done away with and artificial sweeteners can be used which has aspartame, sucralose and saccharin which are calorie and carb free. Go for those little colored packets if you must have a sweetener in coffee. The best alternative is dropping it cold turkey and reap the benefits of a sugar free world.


4. Reduced Fat diabetic menu: Excess fat in the diet is detrimental since it contributes to obesity and diabetes. Unnecessary fats such as Trans-fats need to be cut out of the diet ASAP. They do nothing other than clogging the arteries and contributing to cardiac problems in addition to aggravating the diabetic problems. Skip junk food and fried stuff that usually has trans-fat in it. Make sure to check the labels while buying grocery. Oils which are hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated should be avoided. Skip red meat and go for the omega-3 fatty acid rich fish food.


5. Reduced alcohol intake in diabetic menu: For those with diabetes and consuming excess alcohol it might be a good idea to tone down some. Alcohol provides as many calories and is processed the same way as fat is. It can be considered to be 1 drink=2 fat exchanges. Beer and sweet wine contain carbohydrates and may raise blood sugar. Alcohol may increase triglyceride levels and blood pressure. So if you must have alcohol then consume only 2 drinks of alcohol per day with 1 drink=5oz wine, 12oz of beer or 1 ½ oz shot of liquor. Do not have the sweet wine, cordials or sugary cocktails.


Following these 5 diabetes diet ideas will help you immensely and reduce your fluctuating sugar levels. It is all about diet control and exercise and very manageable.


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Top 5 Diabetes Diet Menu Ideas