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How To Make Your Brown Bag Lunch Interesting & Tasty

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Brown bag lunch is economical and is healthier than the food you buy outside. Instead of going to fast food joint or cafeteria to have your daily lunch, it is better to pack your own. But the same sandwich may make you feel bored. Find some ideas to pack tasty brown bag lunch.


Try out different sandwich filling for brown bag lunch

Different sandwich filling makes your brown bag lunch interesting and tasty. Lettuce and tomato make a prefect filling also you can include grilled vegetables and different cheeses. Also if you add ingredients that are juicy like pickles or tomato, pack them in a separate bag.

Fruits and veggies

Do not eat chips everyday; it is not a healthy option. Instead bring fresh sliced carrots, celery sticks and cucumbers.  These are healthy and the same time fills your stomach. Cut fruits like strawberry, apple and blueberries that are good when compared to cookies. Cookies are made out of fatty ingredients and would not provide any nutrition. On the other hand, fruits are more satisfying and are high in nutrients. It offers a healthy and tasty brown bag lunch.

Prepare and freeze meals

You can also prepare meals in bulk and freeze them. Doing so would save your time and money. Make casserole, stew or any kind of roast and pack them into small portions and freeze it. Cook some side dishes and freeze them too. When you get ready in the morning, just take the portions that you have kept in the freezer and heat it. Pack it along with cut fruits and vegetables; a home cooked brown bag lunch is ready within few minutes.

Use leftovers as filling

Freeze all the leftovers to use them as filling for your sandwiches. In case you have vegetables leftover, add some exotic cheese to make them interesting to eat. Instead of using the left over as such, you can add fresh cut vegetables to keep it crunchy and tasty.

Fast food packets

Packing the sandwiches with the condiments cam make them soggy.  Take small packets of salt, pepper, salsa, mustard, ketchup etc with your brown lunch bag. These handy food packets help to add flavor to the meal. While eating, add them to meal, this way meal is fresh and tasty.

Follow the instructions to make your Brown Bag lunch exciting, interesting and tasty.

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How To Make Your Brown Bag Lunch Interesting & Tasty