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10 Dishes For Your First Day Of Spring Party Menu

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Spring party

The arrival of first day of spring after the long dreary winter months fills one with so much joy that it becomes the perfect occasion for throwing a party. 

And what better place than the garden to host the party on the first day spring! The early blossoms, chirping birds, and lush grass will all provide a perfect setting to cast away the winter blues and embrace spring in all its resplendence.


And keeping up with the casual theme, a light menu should do the trick for the first day of spring party.

Here are some dishes which can be included in the menu for the first day of spring party.

Fresh Salads

Spring marks the time of harvest and using different vegetables to make salads is a good idea for the party. A very easy and hassle free salad that you can include in the menu is a seven layer salad. Take lettuce, peas, bacon, boiled eggs, tomatoes and cheddar cheese and one-by-one, arrange in a bowl layer upon layer. If you want you can add more vegetables as well and even salad dressing of your choice.



Having soup in your menu is also an option, which you can consider. A soup which can be included in first day of spring party menu is chicken and spinach soup. Just boil chicken stock, lemon juice, thyme and salt in a saucepan. Add spinach leaves into soup bowls and pour this stock over it. Serve immediately.


New Potatoes 

You can try making stuffed new potatoes for the first day spring party as well. Stuff the new baby potatoes with artichokes and parmesan or you can even try spinach, asparagus or pesto. Use garlic and lemon to add flavor to the filling.



Make bruschetta. Mix red tomatoes, onions with a mixture of basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and spread over bread, focacia is the preferred choice but you can use plain bread as well. 

Spring Party menu




Spring Party Finger Food

You can take brussel sprouts and broil or sauté them. Then chop in half and drizzle them with butter and sprinkle a little salt. Serve them on toothpicks. They will make a tasty dish for the first day of spring party.



Making Hummus is also an idea you can consider for your first day spring party. This spread or dip from Middle East is made by grinding together chickpeas, sesame seeds, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice. Serve hummus with bread, crackers, cucumbers anything.


Antipasto Platter

Another option that can feature on the menu of your first day of spring party is to make an antipasto platter. Add mozzarella, include deli meat, any of your favorite and olives.



Take a grill outside and do a barbeque. What better place to have a barbeque than your own garden! Do steaks or shrimps or vegetables anything.

spring party menu



Spring special Vegetables

Asparagus is a sign of spring. Make it by cutting off the hard ends, then drizzling with olive oil and garlic and placing it on the grill directly or wrapped in foil. You can also cook it in a pan.



For desserts, you can try serving strawberry shortcake. For this, purchase a cake. Slice strawberries and cover with sugar and leave for around 2 hours. Then spread strawberries on the cake and if you want, add whipped cream as well.


So go ahead, take your pick and make your own menu for the first day of spring party.

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10 Dishes For Your First Day Of Spring Party Menu