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5 Good Reasons To Celebrate Purim Party With Healthy Food

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5 Good Reasons To Celebrate Purim Party With Healthy Food

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When you party you always tend to gorge on heavy food which tastes yummy but does not do any good to your health. The deep fried snacks, uber sweet puddings, and spicy dishes pack quite a punch on your digestive system. Thus, we will share 5 good reasons to celebrate Purim party with healthy food.


While celebrating purim the food at a purim party can vary according to your preference. You can have salads and roasted ckicken and vegetables along with fresh brown bread for a brunch.

  • Various combinations of salads can be created to choose from an array of salads at the purim party. Make sure that the dressing of the salad is on the side, so that one can add it according to his/her taste. Shredded roast chicken and ice berg lettuce salad with an oilve oil and lime dressing gives that perfect refreshing zing to any party. The best thing about salads is that you always feel fresh and you can consume them to your heart's content.

  • Snacks like chicken or fish fingers do not have to be typically deep fried. You can prepare your own variation marinating the chicken in yogurt and fish in lime juice, coating them in bread crumbs and baking in an oven for 15 minutes. The taste will be a lot lighter and the crunch from baking will supersede crunch from deep frying. Baked good are good for your heart because they minimize the intake of fat, which in turn prevents cholestrol.

  • If you are preparing curries or stews as the main course, then you can pay attention to minute details to make them healthy. You cna use sea salt, in a controlled quantity, to lower the sodium content within the dish. High sodium consumption in the form of salt usually triggers an elevated blood pressure and hypertension. The heat in the dish should be lowered because too much of heat from chilli and peppers harms the internal organs of our body. You can add bell peppers to infuse the flavor of chilli and avoid the heat.

  • Desserts are the most crucial and eagerly awaited part of a meal. Instead of sugar laden, creamy and deep fried desserts, you can prepare easy and healthy desserts. A fruit sorbet when served with crisp sugar-free waffles is an amazing dessert. The sorbet can be prepared by using fruits such as mango, pineapple, orange, strawberry, or blueberry. It is sugar-free and does not use gelatin either, which is trily prohibited in Kosher meals.

  • Instead of white flour breads you can have brown or whole wheat breads. The loaves can be bought from a local bakery and if you have ample time then you can simply bake you own. Gluten-free breads are also available in the market now, which is another healthy option.

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5 Good Reasons To Celebrate Purim Party With Healthy Food