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Nestle Recalls Its Lean Cuisine Dinners

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Nestle recalls its frozen dinners

Nestle recalls its lean cuisine dinners was one of the headlines that managed to startle the consumers of Nestle’s products around the world. The company has been associated with highest quality products as well as hygienic packaging so far and to have that belief jolted is certainly no small matter. However, Nestles lean cuisine products have been recalled now and the company hopes to make amends and mend its tarnished reputation by this well timed conciliatory gesture.


Frozen spaghetti and meatballs is the offensive product in question that left the big shots of Nestle Prepared Foods Co red faced last Tuesday. According to the company representatives, the errant Frozen LEAN CUISINE dinners had been manufactured during October.


Nestle's move to recall its products, came in the wake of several consumers complaining about the packaging. Apparently, the consumers were horrified to discover a red plastic in the meatballs that came with the frozen food product. The Agriculture Department, however, has assured the consumers that there have been no incidences of injury so far.


Nestles lean cuisine products have been popular among the public especially those who have little time to cook or have no inclination for culinary adventures. The batch labeled with P-7991 and featuring the code of 0298595519P along with a ‘best by date’ of Nov '11 have been ear marked for recall by the ‘Food Safety and Inspection Service’ of the ‘U.S. Department of Agriculture’.


However, even as Nestle recalls its lean cuisine dinners, the company assures that the bit of red plastic was limited to very few packages of its frozen dinner packages. Nevertheless, the company is not prepared to take any chances and has recalled the entire batch manufactured during the hour.


Nestle company has also stated categorically that no other product from its range of Lean cuisine has been reported as contaminated.


The company has requested all its consumers to check their refrigerators for spaghetti and meatballs packages and inspect the proof of purchase. The gray panel located under the right hand flap of the package is likely to contain the number and the consumers have been requested by Nestle to get in touch with the authorities for any help. The telephone number as well as the e-mail Id of the company has been widely circulated since the recall.


One certainly hopes that the matter is a one off incidence and there will be no other occasions when we have to read, ‘Nestle recalls its lean cuisine dinners’in the near future.


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Nestle Recalls Its Lean Cuisine Dinners