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10 Spring Vegetables To Include In Your Party Menu

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Along with spring come the seasonal spring vegetables . This is truly a remarkable time of the year. The snow has started to thaw, the weather is warming up, and one day it’s chilly, the next day warm. Spring foreshadows the joys of summer season soon approaching.  It is the ideal time of the year to make use of the God given produce bestowed upon us and relish their wonderful flavors and tastes. If you are planning to host a party, definitely include 10 of these spring vegetables in the menu.



1.    Asparagus is a great vegetable to enjoy in spring.  Just one cup of it packs in a 114% of your daily recommended Vitamin K. Have it steamed, grilled, or roasted.


2.    Avocados are also a powerhouse of healthy fats. They contain the healthy kind of fats (mono-saturated). Enjoy them freshly sliced in a salad or mash them up into a guacamole to enjoy with Mexican food. Although this is technically not a vegetable, it is something definitely to be enjoyed during spring time.


3.    The main harvest of artichokes takes plac duing spring. This giant thistle flower bud needs to be well cooked in order to eat. They can be boiled, pressure cooked, or steamed. Never discard the heart as it is the best part. Use some sort of dip to eat the heart with.


4.    Baby carrots are available in plentiful during spring time. Enjoy these cute looking orange veggies with a hummus or ranch dip. It is perfect for parties as it can work as a great finger food.


5.    Arugula leaves are foraged in spring and can be used for creating a delicious salad. This leaf is slightly bitter to taste so make sure to add some lettuce or spinach leaves in the salad as well.

6.    Radishes are another great vegetable to throw into your salad. Found in abundance during spring, with their bright pink skins and zingy taste, they will certainly pack a punch to whatever dish they are mixed with.


7.    Spinachis a supremely healthy vegetable and a must to eat during spring. Buy it in excessive amount because after cooking it shrivels in size. Use it in salads, curries, pasta, pan Asian food, dumplings or as a side.


8.    Scallions are another favorite among spring vegetables. The small sized ones will taste better this time of the year. It is a great add in for stir fries or throw into a salad.


9.    Bell peppers with their delicious sweet dish are wonderful spring veggies as well. Roast the yellow or red ones into a pulp and mix with some ricotta cheese to make a zesty dip to serve with veggies or chips.


10.You will see the big heads of broccoli in most super markets during spring time. This is another extremely healthy vegetable and very versatile. It can be added in salads, pastas, or eaten even as a side.


Hope these ten delicious spring time vegetables will help you plan a fantastic party menu.


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10 Spring Vegetables To Include In Your Party Menu