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How To Design A Cake To Suit A Bachelorette Party

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How to design a cake to suit your bachelorette party and knock the socks off all your guests? A very simple and easy solution would be to go with the theme of your party. If you are planning to have a naughty theme with a bunch of fun-loving friends, then design your cake likewise. On the other hand if you prefer a clean and tame cake, that can be done too. The bachelorette party cake can be the centerpiece of discussion, by being whimsical.


If you are ending your single life then you might as well do it in style and include the fun factor. After all it is the end of one phase and the celebration of the oncoming nuptials.


If you are in a mood to let your hair down for the party, then go for a naughty cake like the ‘lingerie cake’. It might work best and entertain your guests too.


Here is an easy recipe for a bachelorette party lingerie cake:

Ingredients required: Baking pan, metal bowls to shape the boobs, icing, coloring, fondant (optional)

  1. Mix the cake batter with all your favorite and usual ingredients using whatever flavor you would like. Pour the batter into a regular cake sheet pan and bake in the oven.
  2. Also pour the cake batter into two small metal bowls to get the shape of the boobs on the cake figure. Bake it along with the center piece.
  3. Cool the cake and position the boobs on the cake. They can be stuck to the cake with icing to hold it down.
  4. Use your imagination and carve out a figure of the torso on the baked cake. Make sure you make it shapely and remember to carve out the thighs and legs too.
  5. You can next cover the cake using butter cream icing since it works best.
  6. If you would like to use fondant, then use it to cover the chest area as thick strips just leaving the top portion of the boobs exposed to get a cleavage effect.
  7. Make sure the fondant is colored since it is the lingerie on the cake. You could also use more colored butter cream to give the effects of ruffles, laces or ties.
  8. White icing can also be used for the edges and laces or black lace and trim might work well too.
  9. Add messages or wishes at the bottom of the cake for more effects. Jokes, her favorite hobby or celebration of her joys can be included around the cake.
  10. You could also add shimmer dust for chic looking silver or golden laces.


If you are baking this cake to suit a bachelorette party for a friend; she will be delighted to celebrate it with this arty masterpiece designed by you.

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How To Design A Cake To Suit A Bachelorette Party