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5 Best Dishes For Your Spring Dinner Menu

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Herbed New PotatoesThrow a fabulous spring dinner party for your friends and welcome the spring with full energy. Like any other party, food is the center of attraction of spring dinner also. You can choose a specific cuisine for you spring dinner menu or else choose from the local picks. If you are confused about your spring dinner menu, then have a look at these 5 fabulous recipe ideas to entertain the taste buds of your guests.

1. Leek, Green Pea and Potato Soup

A very simple and easy to make soup, all the ingredients of this dish are seasonal products. The fresh peas, the newly born potatoes and leek blend to give out a delicate, yet rich aroma arousing the appetite. You can substitute leek with fresh spring onions or red onions. The taste gets better if you add vegetable stock or chicken stock. Season with freshly ground pepper, salt and cumin seeds roasted in butter. Garnish with fresh cream and serve topped with fresh basil leaves.

2. Herbed New Potatoes

The fresh red potatoes are sautéed in butter and seasoned suing fresh ground black pepper powder and salt. Pick some fresh herbs like fresh parsley, mint and dill and toss with the prepared potatoes. Add a dollop of margarine and serve hot as a side dish with brown rice or any freshly baked bread of your choice. These quick and easy herbed potatoes are the best and ideal and an elegant side dish for different meals.

3. Honey-Glazed Baby Carrots

Honey Glazed Baby CarrotsFresh whole carrots cooked in a mixture of brown sugar, honey, nutmeg and cinnamon and topped with chives or parsley and dollop of butter. This interesting dish is very versatile and can act as an appetizer, side dish and dessert. Free of sugar, these tender carrots coated with spices and honey will be very much in demand among your guests.

4. Gingered Poached Apricot and Raspberry Compote

The name of this dish makes it look as if it requires a chef’s touch for perfect finish. But the reality is that this pastry can be prepared very easily by anyone. A very easy to prepare dish, poached apricots basted with lemon and ginger juice and topped with poached raspberries and toasted sliced almonds offers a refreshing delight to the guests. Add freshness to the desert with mint spring garnish.

5. Strawberry Pretzel Salad

Finish your dinner with this easy to prepare Strawberry Pretzel Salad made using fresh strawberries, strawberry Jell-Os, crushed pretzels, fresh cream and frosted icing.

These are five of the best dishes that you can include while planning the menu for a spring dinner.

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5 Best Dishes For Your Spring Dinner Menu