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5 Traditional Jewish Foods To Include In Purim Menu

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The Jewish festival of Purim is celebrated annually according to the Hebrew calendar on the 14th day of the Hebrew month of Adar (Adar II in leap years). The day that signifies the victory of the Jews over their enemies is celebrated with prayers and traditional feasts. Here is a list of 5 Traditional Jewish Foods To Include In Purim Menu to help you with the preparations for the festivities....


Some of the traditional jewish foods are latkes, cholent, challah, kugelach.

There are many traditional Jewish foods which are different for different Jews like Ashkenazi and Sephardi. In addition to the foods listed above, traditional Ashkenazi foods include kugels, gefilte fish, stuffed cabbage (holishkes), tzimmes, brisket and more.

It is a tradition to include Purim Seudah (feast) in Purim menu and it is habitual to dish up food at the Purim meal which has symbolic meaning and which associates to the Purim story.

Here are few traditional jewish dishes to be included in purim menu on jewish purim;

1. Kreplach:  Kreplach is a traditional Jewish Purim recipe, Kreplach relates to Haman's three cornered hat.  This dish can be prepared on jewish purim using   flour, eggs, salt, oil ground beef and grated onion.

2. Hamantashen:  Hamantashen is a pastry which has to be included in jewish purim menu. This Jewish Purim recipe is linked to King Haman's three cornered hat.

This dish can be prepared using eggs, sugar, oil, vanilla, orange juice, flour, baking powder and fruit preserves.

3. Challah: Challah isa long, braided Jewish bread to be served on jewish purim. Challah is prepared and included in purim menu to represent the rope used to hang Haman.  

Challah is made using yeast, warm water, sugar, salt, flour, oil and egg.

4. Sugared Almond Salad:  Sugared almond salad is included in purim menu in the memory of Queen Esther who only used to eat vegetarian food while in the King’s Palace.  This dish has become a staple Jewish Purim recipe and is known in Hebrew as parve or a food without any meat or dairy.

This dish can be prepared using white vinegar, sugar, salt, vegetable oil, salad greens, mandarin oranges, purple onion, almonds and sugar.

5. Matzo Ball Soup:   Matzo ball soup is a traditional appetizer to be included in purim menu.  This soup is a delicious jewish purim recipe.

This dish is prepared using matzo meal, salt, eggs, oil, water, chicken bouillon cubes and drained carrots.

So, You can enjoy your purim by including above dishes in your purim menu  and these dishes are related to purim story.

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5 Traditional Jewish Foods To Include In Purim Menu