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Sample Spring Menu For Diabetics

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Asparagus Soup In Spring Menu For DiabeticsDiabetec patients generally need a special spring menu since they re supposed to avoid sugar. But if you are not able to chalk out ideas about coming with spring menu for diabetics, scroll down for some really good recipes that you can try. Make a delectable veggie and fruit-rich menu spring offers you as these are literally fat free and you can use them without worrying about sugar levels also.


You get asparagus, beets, celery, leafy greens, lettuces, peas, peppers – green, red and yellow, spring onions, strawberries, and turnips in abundance during spring. The recipe ideas outlined below makes use of the spring vegetables and herbs.


An Exotic Sample Spring Menu For Diabetics


1. Asparagus Soup


Start the menu with a great asparagus soup. A very simple and easy to cook recipe, even a ‘fresher’ to cooking can prepare it very easily. It is just a simple blend of asparagus puree with a little bit of low fat fresh cream. You get a soup that reflects the taste of asparagus. Season with salt, pepper and a tiny dollop of butter and serve hot.


2. Beet & Orange Salad


Tangy oranges and the sweet beets offer a multihued, refreshing delight to your eyes as well as taste buds. You can add a large dollop of unsweetened and unflavored yogurt, but it is the union of tart and sweet that brings in the taste. You can try using blood red oranges and golden beets to add color to this beet and orange salad on your spring menu for diabetics.


3. Lettuce Wraps 


Lettuce will be available in plentiful quantities during spring and the wraps made using lettuce are very versatile that they can act as appetizers as well as main dish. Make a low calorie low fat filling using the fresh carrots, baby potatoes, garlic, onions, cilantro leaves and season with freshly ground pepper and salt and a little cream. Wrap it in lettuce leaves and serve lettuce wrap warm with a dipping of your choice.


4. Bacon, Egg & Asparagus Pizza


This delicious pizza is a blend of the seasonal asparagus with crumbled eggs and bacon. Mix with fresh green salad prepared using celery, red and yellow peppers, cucumbers and top on the whole wheat or flaxseed pizza base. Garnish with fresh lemon juice and red paprika flakes.


5. Roasted Spring Vegetables With Arugula Pesto


Roasted spring vegetables tossed with arugula pesto form a scrumptious dish for a diabetic at your spring party. Try with roasted lamb leg. You can add fresh small carrots, chopped into rings, to make the dish more colorful and tastier.


6. Fruity Yogurt 


You get lots of fruits in spring. Slice these fruits, including strawberries, cantaloupes and red grapes and toss them with unsweetened, fruit flavored yogurt and serve as a dessert.


Try this diabetic-friendly spring menu and leave your guests enchanted with these delicately rich dishes.


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Sample Spring Menu For Diabetics