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5 Delicious Desserts To Include In Your Purim Dinner Party Menu

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Purim dinner party comes with the spark of laughter, fun, and frolic to celebrate the most of this auspicious occasion. Purim party is the special holiday for Jewish people. They celebrate the advent of boisterous party, filled with feasting and food celebrations in the month of late February to mid of March. Purim day is now respectfully celebrated worldwide crossing the boundaries and barriers. People from other sections of society come together and enjoy the spirit of fraternity, and liberty with grand feasting and partying. It is tribute to an ancient mythological, in which Queen Esther defeated the purpose of anti Jewish king to save Jews from slavery and massacre. The day is also called as The Masquerade Day.


Purim is marked by a great fancy dress competition, much to the enjoyment of people and kids. The hip and trendy costumes are donned like Halloween. Desserts enjoyed during this time are famous widely. Some of the top desserts special to Purim celebrations are as follows.

Amaretto Cordials

The melted chocolate dessert acknowledged for its wild bitter taste, is famous in Purim party. Best served in the form of dark candies, they are enticing, and add seductive taste to your Purim party. Sometimes, you get to enjoy the coupled taste of Chocó and vanilla, which can be heaven for chocolate dessert lovers!


These are very famous cookies floated abundantly during season of Purim party. They are shaped in triangular and filled with sweet liquid burst of chocolate and mixed with pineapple, strawberry, banana, or peach flavor. Hamentaschen come in variety of taste to tantalize you with its special burst of sweetness.

Date fillings with cherries

You can enjoy the tasty treat of dates mashed with cream, butter, and red cherries to satiate your sweet tooth. At the same time, you get nutritious filling of both cherries and dates. Go ahead and let the food buff come out in you!

Prune with poppy seeds

Well, Purim party is incomplete with traditional inclusion of poppy seeds in it. You can add poppy seeds in your prunes custard made with more stuffing of pine apples chunks. It is lovely to add zing to your dinner many.

Fruit Pizza

You can savor the luscious bite of fruit pizza made of watermelons, soft bananas, and red slices of apples, hearty strawberries, and ruddy berries. Mix them in milk, add sugar, and top up with melted chocolate.

Given the above menu list, it will always be easy to arrange an awesome treat with Purin Dinner Party!

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