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How To Make Some Interactive Foods For Party?

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Those of you who are absolute foodies, throwing parties for friends must be a  part of life. We bring you help in the form of ideas about how to make some interactive foods for party. These ideas will help you next time you throw a party because the menu would be interactive:


What’s the point in having a party when there is no element of “fun”? From a toddler to 80 plus everybody needs excitement and a get together with friends and family as this is a great source of relaxation. The same holds true in case of interactive foods. The secret to this lies in your ability to be as creative as possible.

Things to keep in mind:

  • What kind of crowd:

    When planning for the party make sure, you know what kind of crowd are joining... Whether you are planning a party for kids, teenagers or adults, introducing ingredient called ‘fun’ by including interactive foods will contribute to the success of the party. Including food games for kids, such as squeezing tomatoes or preparing biscuit snack can be fun, whereas teenagers and adults might be more enthused by making a food as a team, such as preparing a sandwich or baking a cake as a team.
  • Interactive food games:

    Conducting interactive food games can help any crowd interact better. For children, cakea messy activity is fun at a party like, making a vegetable roll, making a cone ice cream, preparing popcorn. Preparing brownies or baking cakes and having the guests participate by icing their share of cakes or brownies is another interactive activity. For theme parties such as Halloween or Christmas, have the crowd decorate the venue.
  • Interactive Food Making:

    Learning how to prepare a spring roll or a roll of sushi can be an enjoyable interactive party activity for adults. Getting together to make finger chips, Cheese sandwiches, pizzas or other simple foods can also be an interactive food making techniques.
  • Interactive Dining:

    Suitable for teenagers as well as adults, fondue parties have been staples for decades. Irrespective of the kind of fondues, the point is to have a group activity that gets everyone involved. Guests make their own meal, and the hosts simply provide different dips for the crowd to relish. Fondue can be served as an appetizer and as the main course of meal.
  • Combinations:

    Including an interactive course in a party can help guests get to know each other. Serving different appetizers and encouraging the crowd to make their own appetizers is an opportunity to display some good cooks. Starting with an appetizer and ending the party with a desert with lot of chocolate chips, nuts can be fun.

Some of the high-end interactive food station ideas are: stir-fry stations, grilling stations, sushi-rolling stations, tortilla-making stations, and more, which are usually managed by talented chefs. 

Keep this in mind that organizing interactive foods for party is not about money or resources. It is about your creativity and imagination. 

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How To Make Some Interactive Foods For Party?