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How To Prepare Irish Breakfast Tea for St. Patrick's ?

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irish breakfast teaIrish breakfast tea is a variety of tea popular in Ireland. The Irish breakfast tea is made from many different types of tea, usually Darjeeling teas and Assam teas. The various teas combine to produce a strong and distinct flavor. Irish tea is served during St. Patrick's day accompanying a full Irish breakfast. Even though there is a general assumption that beer is the favorite drink for St. Patrick's, Irish breakfast tea also has its own followers. In Ireland, Irish breakfast tea is the most popular drink with Guinness stout following at a close second. For people who love tea, what better than throwing an Irish breakfast tea party for St. Patrick's. Apart from the traditional decorations, shamrocks and rainbows, include chocolate gold coins for the perfect Irish tea accompaniment.




Steps to Prepare Irish Breakfast Tea

Several black teas combine to give Irish breakfast tea. Referred to as simply 'tea' in Ireland, Irish tea is consumed throughout the day. Irish breakfast tea is strong and hence is best served with milk, just the way the Irish drink it.

  1. Boil good water, preferably filtered or bottled, in a non reactive tea kettle.

  2. Pour this water into a ceramic or porcelain tea pot for pre-warming the pot. Let stand until pot is warm and then pour out the water.

  3. Add one teaspoon per cup of loose tea. This is the general measurement. Stronger teas can be made by increasing amount of tea added. Steeping the tea without an infuser allows the tea to unfold and release all its flavor. Tea bags can also be used. One tea bag per cup of tea is the usual order.

  4. Pour hot boiling water over the tea. Irish breakfast teas are completely fermented and oxidized and hence should be steeped in very hot water. Hot, boiling water would allow release of active ingredients present in tea.

  5. Cover tea pot with a cozy and keep warm. Let the tea steep for 3 to 5 minutes.

  6. Strain and remove tea leaves from pot with help of strainer or infuser.

  7. Pour into a cup, add some milk and sugar to taste.

  8. Irish breakfast tea can be consumed black or even with a dash of lemon.


Irish breakfast tea accompanies a full Irish breakfast. The combination of various teas makes Irish tea refreshing and strong. The flavor of Irish tea is mostly malty with a buzzy yet brisk feel. The aroma of Irish breakfast tea greets your mornings in Ireland.


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How To Prepare Irish Breakfast Tea For St. Patrick's ?