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Top 5 Low Fat Dessert For Valentines Day

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I just love chocolates, don't you like the gooey texture and the sweet taste of these yummy dishes? But if your blood sugar levels are forcing you to keep away from dessert for Valentine's day, then here are top 5 low fat dessert for Valentines Day. From chocolate to fruity treats, some of these substitutes will surely get a permanent place in our home.

ZenSoy Pudding: This pudding has just about a gram of fat and zen soy is also pesticide free and you will feel good after tasting this pudding, which will remind you of your granny's pudding. A highly recommended Valentines day dessert.


Fat Free Brownies: One easy way to go about making this valentines day dessert is by using yogurt instead of fatty dairy, You can still make all the yummy treats like the no pudge brownies, and they will taste just as god. If you want, add an egg white for some consistency and you have your party treat ready.


Angel Food Cake: If you love fruit cakes, try the egg-white only recipe, and rest assured that you are having something that is good for you, with no diet issues to worry about. With some fresh berries added to it, that will be a healthy treat and good Valentine's day dessert.


Metromint: This is a water which has mint leaves, that are grown pesticide free along with some cocoa essence. This is a smooth sweet tasting treat and it makes a great dessert for valentines day.


Raspberry Lemonade Granita: You can make these very quickly with some water, lemons, sugar and raspberries. It is low fat and delicious and takes very little time to make. Once it is made just put them in the freezer till you are ready to have them, or till company comes over. Add a little vodka for some party zing. What a dessert for valentines day! 


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Top 5 Low Fat Dessert For Valentines Day