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Top 10 French Foods For Valentines Day Dinner

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Top 10 French Foods for Valentines Day Dinner

If Valentine’s Day dinner is on your romantic mind, and you are all set to celebrate at some exotic restaurant, then I’m sure you are also wondering what to eat on the Valentine’s Day dinner.  I mean, you would surely not want to waste your precious time to decide what you have to eat with your “romantic love”. And what could be a better way to impress than the irresistible French foods for Valentine.  Yes, what could be more seductive than the “aphrodisiac food” that the French gifted us!

1.Souper Séduisant – Get ready to be blessed by the Greek Goddess of love, “Aphrodite”. You can opt for this lovely Frenchrecipe made of Cheese Soufflés. It is twice baked and served with a cream parmesan sauce, the ideal French food for Valentine. Trust me you will remember it for a long long time.

2.Slow-Roasted Salmon – If fish is your favorite, try the slow roasted salmon. It’s prepared with horseradish vinaigrette and is usually served on a bed of greens.

3. Salmon with Maple and Mustard Seed Sauce - Again if you love fish, you can also go for the mouth watering salmon prepared with maple/mustard seed sauce. And of course salmon is certainly great for health.

4. Shrimp Ravioli with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce – For all shrimp lovers, this lovely dish is sure to spice up your Valentine’s Day dinner.  I mean if you love shrimps and flavor of pepper stimulates you, then this will make your Valentine’s Day dinner an evening to remember.

5. Lobster-Stuffed Tenderloin- This is one of the best French foods for the Valentine’s Day! Just look at the rich ingredients here. It’s beef tenderloin and the lovely lobsters. And yes loads of butter to pamper your taste buds and minced shallots with some great heavy cream, worthy for a princess.   

6.Margarita Cocktail – Dining without wining is not fair. So when it comes to intoxicating cocktails, the French are the best. Try this super tequila rubbed with lime juice.

7.Lover`s Chocolate Mousse – And how can you forget to pamper your sweetheart without something sweet! Ask for the lover’s chocolate mousse. The yummy chocolate taste on the Valentine’s Day dinner is sure to arouse emotions.

8. Talking of sweets, and French food, you cannot miss the “Blackberry - handmade miniature Food. It is made of strawberry sundae served in an elegant tall glass, a French eclair with vanilla hearts and a blackberry St Honoré.

9. Valentine Brownie Hearts – Chocolate, margarine and Vanilla ! The Valentine’s Brownie hearts as the name goes will win you brownie points with your lover.  Garnished with strawberries , this one is certainly going to raise your spirits.

10. Strawberry-Raspberry Champagne Sorbet – And now here comes another French delight that will inspire the perfect lover in you. Get ready for the raspberries, the strawberries and the champagne to drown you in the heaven.

I hope this gives you a lot of confidence on what you should be opting for the coming Valentine’s Day dinner. And now I will give you the greatest surprise, if you want to have all these exotic dishes at the comfort of your home, (yes you can prepare them all at home) you can get the detailed menu’s here.

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Top 10 French Foods For Valentines Day Dinner