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Tips for Decorating Valentines Day Dinner Table

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Whether you decide to throw a Valentine's party or you simply want to get your house dressed up for this day, decorating your table is a crucial step in getting geared up for this romantic occasion. Here are a few simple tips for decorating Valentine’s Day dinner table. You may pick the ones that you like. Some couples are comfortable at their home and they find happiness in spending the whole day with their beloved. If you wish to make your Valentine’s Day dinner a memorable one for you and your partner, by spending the time at your home, this article is perfect for you.



  • First of all you should decide on the tablecloth. You need not necessarily cover the table with a heart-covered tablecloth. A simple lace tablecloth will also do, or try using a plain pink or even a flowered tablecloth.


  • Now, for the center of the table, buy a dozen pink or red roses and place them in a crystal vase that embellishes the center of the table. All around the vase, you can arrange some strings of ornamental imitation pearls in swirls. On either side of the vase, you can place two tall red or pink candles. Place a small foil-wrapped heart-shaped candy on each plate and do not forget to tie the napkins with red ribbon.


  • Sew red or pink-colored cloth into hearts of various sizes. Stuff these hearts using batting and put them together in a bowl or basket that can be placed in the center of the table. Place some napkins in simple napkin rings and place a real rose bud through the holder as well. A tiny cupid figurine can be set near each plate. Scattering some Hershey's kisses around the table would be a great idea.


  • Place some hand-made Valentine cards in the center of the table. You may also make use Valentines created by your kids or Valentines greetings that have been given to you by your partner. You can also place one votive candle in a pink or red votive holder right next to each plate.


  • You may also put your imagination to use in order to design your own table. Swaths of lace, pieces of ribbons, paper hearts, lace doilies, conversation heart candies and other frilly objects you happen to have at home can be added to your table so that you end up creating a perfect Valentine effect.


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Tips For Decorating Valentines Day Dinner Table