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How To Organize A Diet Dinner Party For The Aged

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It is a really exhilarating experience, you know, to organize a diet dinner party for the aged. My grandfather just turned 80 last week, and this diet dinner party for elderly came out as a challenge before me. Since, no party is complete without friends and peers, my folks and I decided to throw a grand big surprise party for Gramps. But this wasn’t as easy.

After a lot of consideration that went into organizing the diet dinner party for the aged (nut young at heart!), I discovered that preparing a meal plan and snacks order for a diet dinner party for elderlies is actually a very interesting concept.

To help you out with a few tips for organizing a diet dinner party for the aged, I took down some notes, which might come in handy:

  1. Prepare a Guest list. Note that some aged people do not travel alone. So, keep in mind, and confirm whether there will be people accompanying them.
  2. Ask- Don’t be shy to ask questions. Ask them what their food preferences are. Know that though it’s a party, health issues might not permit them to eat just about everything you lay on that table.
  3. Special Needs- While putting out a diet dinner party, the most essential element is the “diet”. Each elderly has special diet needs; a few will need a boost in blood pressure, while few would require to keep it grounded. BE VERY INQUISITVE.
  4. Display-Décor- The sensory tastes of the elderly have usually diminished by the time they hit sixty five. So, brighten up the food. Put in as many colorful options that you can. Create a playful ambience.


While looking to have a proper diet dinner party, keep in mind that the Super Six have to be in abundant quantities.  They are:

  1. Vitamins- By eggs, Greens, nuts, fruits.
  2. Anti-oxidants- teas.
  3. Iron- Green leafy salads.
  4. Calcium- milk puddings, cheese.
  5. Zinc- Seafood recipes.
  6. Proteins- Lentils, grains, poultry products

They may be eating all of this with supplements, but today is the day; you have to make food fun. The principle has to be Low Salt-No Salt, Low Sugar-No Sugar.

  • The Drinks- No party can begin without a clink of the glasses. Prepare some home made fresh fruit smoothies, slush or juice to pop the party. Berries such as Strawberries, Cherries, Blueberries and Acai are very good nutrient sources. Try these. You could also serve teas that are lemon based or mint based.
  • Snacks- Since, the diet dinner party for the aged, has to be according to their individual nutritional requirements. Choose snacks wisely. Go for snacks that do not have any adverse effects but contain lots of nutrients. You could try cheese dips with Celery, Cherry Tomatoes, and Broccoli-lime salads, Hummus, Nuts, and Granola Bars etc.
  •  Oils-Since, the Cardiac health and metabolism of the aged is on a sensitive path, while preparing a diet dinner for elderly, keep in mind to keep high nutrition first, Cook in oils that are healthy and not hydrogenated. Go for Olive oils, Peanut oil, Flaxseed oil, Soybean and sunflower oil. Don’t use any oil that reads Trans fats.
  • Salads- No amount of greens, yellows or oranges can hurt your elderly friends. When you look for healthy salads for a diet dinner party for the aged, keep in mind that they have almost lost their sense of taste. To compensate that use vegetables and fruits which have lots of colors. Go for Broccoli, Carrots, bell peppers, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Red Grapes, berries, Spinach and Cranberries with Olives too. Remember, the Calcium content has to kick in. So use cheese, cream and hummus liberally.
  • The main course is easy to understand. NO PROCESSED FOODS. Use whole grain tortillas, brown rice cakes, Whole wheat chips or Tacos. Only those recipes that involve whole grains ought to be used. To arrange a diet dinner party for the aged, you have to know that their digestive system isn’t as strong as yours. Use lighter proteins like chicken, eggs instead of beef.

Mash those veggies, peel those fruits, and chop finely. Don’t exhaust them with a task of chewing too much. Let them save up for dancing later!!

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How To Organize A Diet Dinner Party For The Aged