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What Not to Buy for a Picnic

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In this lesson of Grocery School, host Sarah East shows you what food items do NOT belong at a picnic. Find out more at

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Picnic menu ideas
Planning a picnic? Make a list of foods that will make your picnic fun and not botheration for everybody. Sarah East of Grocery School enlists dos and don’ts of food to be carried on a picnic in this video.

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This would have been much more helpful if it had included suggestions for what to bring instead. Just a couple little ideas would have helped. A coconut is a fun item on a picnic if the host knows how to open and serve it. We always took whole coconuts on our beach picnics in Hawaii. They're easy, have wonderful liquid to drink, and once the juice is drunk, are not juicy and drippy or sticky like a lot of fruit or other desserts. Not my favorite GS video.
What Not To Buy For A Picnic Video, Picnic Menu Ideas