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Protein-Based Dinner Ideas For A Vegetarian

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Though meats are considered best source of protein, there is no harm in having a protein-based vegetarian dinner either. Here are a few Protein-Based Dinner Ideas For A Vegetarian that you can enjoy with your family.

Meats are rich in protein as well as high in saturated fats. That’s why Mother Nature also has a host of vegetarian foods like nuts, peanuts, beans, seeds etc to supplement vegans’ diet with protein-rich food. Dinner ideas for a vegetarian are unlimited. You can use tofu, beans, nuts, seeds and fake meat replacements to make protein-based vegetarian dinners.

Tofu: Tofu is the first choice of every person, who wants to have protein-rich vegetarian dinner, since it takes the flavor of the recipe in which it is made. Made of soymilk, tofu is also high in iron, zinc, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. Use tofu in place of meat in casseroles and in place of fatty cheese in pasta or green leafy salads.

Beans: Beans is a common replacement to meat in a protein-based vegetarian dinner. Add varieties of beans to increase protein content in a tortilla with brown rice. Tossed beans in cold salad with corn and grape tomatoes are easy to make and delicious yet healthy to eat. Beans can make pasta more nutritious or brown rice more interesting. Try Vegetarian Bean Burritos, Spinach and Bean Pasta, Black Bean Burgers or Black Bean Enchilada Casserole for vegetarian protein-based dinner.

Fake meat replacements: Several fake meat replacements, made of soy or wheat, are available in the market that can be used instead of real meat. This vegetarian dinner idea is great since it is as nutritious as protein-based meat diets. Steamed soy-made fake meat replacement can be paired with any main dish making it one of the great dinner ideas for a vegetarian.

Nuts or Seeds: Another vegetarian dinner idea is for those who are fond of eating nuts and seeds, another rich source of protein. Keep a bowl filled with cashews, walnuts and almonds on your dinner table and occasionally have them regularly. You can also store chopped nuts in an airtight bottle and use it in recipes like pastas, salads and rice dishes.

Conclusion: These crunchy-textured nuts not only add flavor but also increase protein content of your vegetarian dinner. Try Walnut Penne Pasta with this recipe.

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Protein-Based Dinner Ideas For A Vegetarian