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Best Sankranti Dishes

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 Sankranti is one of the major festivals for Hindus across India. It is a harvest festival and falls on January 14th every year. 

Sankranti dishes add flavor to the festival and Sankranti food is prepared in most Maharashtrian homes on this auspicious day. 

Here are some Sankranti dishes: 


This is one of the best Sankranti dishes we have. This Sankranti food can be prepared using soaked masur dal, soaked rice, soaked moong dal, garlic flakes, onions, ginger, chili powder, garam masala and oil for frying. It is also called Pongal in south India.

 This dish can be prepared by mixing the ingredients and cooking it on medium flame. 


This best sankranti dish can be prepared with  ingredients like flour, coconut, milk, khoya kheer, raisins and ghee. This dish can be prepared by blending the contents. This Sankranti food is a great dessert and I am sure you will love these pancakes. 

Gokul Pithe 

This sweet sankranti dish can be prepared using coconut, sugar, flour, water, sodium bicarbonate, khoya kheer, and gheeThis Sankranti food can be prepared mixing the contents and then stirring the mixture continuously. This dish will add sweetness to the festival. 

Malpua: Is a popular festive dessert prepared using wheat flour, fennel seeds, beaten curds, milk, peppercorns, ghee and pistachios. This dish can be prepared by mixing the contents and cooking it on a medium flame then deep frying in clarified butter. This Sankranti food will add festivity to Sankranti celebrations. 

Payesh: This Sankranti food is prepared with rice, cardamom powder, soft jaggery, pistachios, milk, kesar and almonds. 

So enjoy this Sankranti with the above dishes. Wishing you all Makar Sankranti.  

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Best Sankranti Dishes