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Best Soup Ideas For National Soup Day

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soup day

National Soup Day is celebrated to remember the tough times the world went through in the 19th Century. Here are some great soup ideas and tips for the National Soup Day.


“Please sir, can I have some more?,” pleaded a young boy when he was served gruel in the kitchen. Charles Dickens portrayed the hungry lives of men during his times, with a single line uttered by Oliver Twist. It was during this time that soup kitchen's were born in Britain. These kitchen's established under the Soup Kitchen Act of 1847, post the famine in Ireland, used to tiny portions of soup or gruel portions to the poor and the homeless. It is in memory of these times that Europe celebrates National Soup Day on January 15th every year. In the United States, the celebrations last a whole month, and January is known as the National Soup Month.


The Great Togetherness

This unofficial holiday, is set during the cold month, when family gathers around to make a pot of soup, that can warm the body and be shared with dear ones. Healthy soups can be prepared using some of the leftovers. You can also make soup, to use up the last of the garden produces. You can used the caned tomatoes and the corn crops and mix them with some more ingredients to prepare this healthy treat. They are also easy to make and a variety of these can be prepared at home using basic ingredients. The cream of cauliflower, vegetable soup and fruit based soups fall under this category.

You can serve these homemade soups with some crackers and fresh bread, and this can be a great way to begin your meal. Preparing the soup in the large pot, can be a family tradition and you can get as creative and daring as you want. Remember to note down those good recipes, so that you can have them pass them on to family and friends.


Great Soup Preparing Tips

1. The best soups are the ones made at home. Use as many fresh ingredients as possible, you can also use leftovers, and whip up some magic in the kitchen. But if you think this is going to take up all your time and energy, then use canned beans, peas and corn instead. You can also pick up fresh vegetables from the salad bar or the local super market.


2. Like wine, soup tastes best when they age - (not for years, just a day would do). To reduce the fat content present in the soup, it is best to let it cool, and then skim away the fat that rises to the top.


3. If the soup you have made has excess salt, don't panic. Peel a potato, add it to the soup, and let it simmer for a while. The potato will absorb the excess salt and you can easily fish it out before serving.


4. For a strong flavour, add some herbs towards the end of the cooking process. 


5. Sauteeing the veggies in butter, before adding them to the soup, will make the soup tastier.


6. To make the broth thicker, add some mashed potatoes or a little cornflour diluted in water. This will give the broth a thick consistency, almost immediately.


7. Add a little pasta or meat to your soup, to give it volume and to turn it into a meal or sorts.


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Best Soup Ideas For National Soup Day