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How To Organize A Chinese Tea Ceremony

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How to organize a Chinese tea ceremony? Tea Ceremony is an integral part of the Chinese wedding ceremony. The tea ceremony depicts  family lineage of the couple’s family.


Two types of tea ceremonies are organized during the wedding. One tea ceremony is organized in the morning at the groom's place before he leaves home for the wedding and another tea ceremony is organized after the wedding at the grooms' place. According to the Chinese tradition the girl leaves her family to be become an integral part of the groom’s family.  But nowadays the trend has changed, the bride and groom honor their parents by hosting tea party for them after exchanging the vows.

The customs of Chinese tea ceremonies vary from place to place. You can check with your family for some ideas about how to organize the tea ceremony. You can decide whether you want to go for one or two ceremonies or a single one. Whatever way you choose to do just remember that the day is going to be a special one and at the end of the day the Chinese tea ceremony which you are planning to host is going to be a memorable affair.


Here is how to organize a Chinese tea ceremony during wedding

  • If you belong to the groom’s family then you need to organize the tea ceremony in the morning. And if you belong to the bride’s family then you have to organize the tea ceremony in the afternoon.


The bride is led to grooms home before the daylight fades. The tea ceremony is organized for the bride’s family once the couple completes the visit to the “bride’s home”.  If the bride prefers to serve the tea during the morning before she leaves home that is fine because some families believe that after the marriage woman becomes the member of other family.


  • You can use any sweetened tea for the Chinese tea ceremony. If you want to keep it simple, then you can go for traditional Chinese sweet teas. Some of the popularly preferred Chinese sweet teas are lotus seeds and red dates tea, and Longans and red dates tea. By serving the lotus seeds and red dates tea couple convey the message that they want to bear children quickly and continuously. By serving the Longans and red dates tea couple show their regards for dragon and indicate that they wish to have male children.


  • During the tea ceremony it is important that you address the parents and close relatives properly. The order of service is usually: Parents-grandparents-grand-uncles and grand-aunties-uncles and aunties-elder brother and sister and elder cousins. Some families follow different addressing  where the grandparents are served first. Also, the dad's family should be served before the moms' family.


  • Also don’t forget to address your family properly. Simply find out how you can relate to atleast three generations of relatives present at the tea ceremony.


  • The tea set in the bride's dowry is used for the ceremony. Mostly Western or Chinese style tea cups are gifted. The popular designs include dragon, Phoenix, peony, double joy, flower motifs and gold trimmings. These teapots are not assisted with containers for sugar or creamer. Mostly, oval or round type of tea sets are used for the ceremony.


  • The groom's sister or a relative assists the bride and groom in pouring the tea.


  • Bride and groom should bow or kneel while serving the tea.


  • The bride should stand on the right side of the groom .

  • Male elder who is being served should sit facing towards the bride and female elders should sit facing towards the groom.


  • Extra tea should be poured for absent member of the elder couple. But there is no custom of pouring the extra tea for the deceased member.


  • After serving tea, the groom should handover a red packet of gift to their helper.

  • Once the tea ceremony gets over the cups should be rinsed using  hot water.


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How To Organize A Chinese Tea Ceremony