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Top 10 Cold Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is what sets you ticking to gear up for the day ahead. Healthy, fulsome breakfast not only provides sustainable energy but also sails you through a diet regimen. So, here are the top 10 cold breakfast recipes, which will send you tingly with the chill of a healthy breakfast.

•    Cold breakfast oatmeal: Oats has always been a topping breakfast idea, and with a combination of rolled oats, cinnamon, blueberries and milk mixed and refrigerated overnight. The next morning you have the health of oats as a scrumptious fruity breakfast. You can also try this with steel cut oats to bring in variety.

•    Pasta with pesto: Pine nuts, parmesan cheese, garlic and fresh basil ground to make a paste and coated with olive oil, and cooked angel hair pasta gets a topping dressing with this paste. Served cold, this is one of the top 10 cold breakfast recipe ideas.

•    Breakfast Pizza: Pizza for breakfast? Yes, it can be made healthy from the wise tips of the wisest! With eggs, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, deli ham, cooked bacon, chunked sausage links, chopped chives, minced onion, which go into topping the pizza, you have a delectable breakfast pizza serving as a top 10 cold breakfast recipe ideas.

•    Strawberry blender : This is one quick ‘n’ easy and no wonder a topping cold breakfast recipe idea. With unsweetened frozen strawberries, milk, yoghurt, vanilla instant breakfast drink mix and honey, and you have a delicious cold breakfast idea, sprucing you up with the ‘chill-thrill’ energy for the day.

•    Hot country ham dip:  Chopped, farm-cooked country ham, sour cheese, softened cream cheese, garlic powder, minced onion are mixed together and placed in a baking dish. Butter, chopped pecans and worcestshire are sautéed and sprinkled over the baking dish.  The preparation is refrigerated till baking time and tastes yum when served cold with hot crackers or raw veggies.

•    Breakfast wassail : Here, you have a filling fruity cocktail with cranberry juice, apple juice, frozen pineapple and lemon concentrates in combination with cinnamon sticks and water, which is boiled and then simmered. Served cold, you have one of the cold breakfast recipe ideas gushing down your system and invigorating you.

•    Breakfast smoothies: Breakfast smoothies are tantalizing and healthy. So here you have a smoothie in a combination of soy milk, chilled orange juice,  frozen, dark sweet cherries (unsweetened and pitted), chopped and chilled carrot, soft tofu and honey go into the blender to  arrive at a smoothie, as a cold breakfast recipe idea, to help you with your day in a smooth-sailing way.

•    Israeli salad: Salads can be fulsome and filling and they are healthy too. What better way to kick-start your day than with Israeli breakfast salad? Cottage cheese, crumbled feta cheese, grated onion, deseeded green pepper, and olive oil are mixed well and seasoned with salt and pepper, with diced cucumber pieces added later. The salad is then garnished with sprigs of fresh mint. The salad served cold is a topping cold breakfast recipe idea and that is something to crunch upon.

•    Bulgur with Pears: Uncooked bulgur, ground nutmeg, cinnamon go into water for boiling with cored and chopped pear added later in the mix. Once the bulgur is tender you have your breakfast bowl enriched with health and flavor topped by low-fat vanilla yoghurt.

•    Fruit salad with Granola :  A bowl of fruits fructifying to a fulfilling meal with cantaloupes, red grapes, red apples, bananas, lemon yoghurt, lemon concentrates and granola cereals to top up the fruit salad. Can you think of anything better? This is one of the best of the cold breakfast recipe ideas.

With these top 10 cold breakfast recipe ideas there is more than enough reason to buckle up and bootstrap your way down the runaway for the daily routine.

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Top 10 Cold Breakfast Recipes