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German Lunch Menu

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Here is a German Lunch Menu suggested by my friend living in Frankfert (Germany). After testing this menu I got the real taste of German food. Take this German Lunch Menu whenever you get an opportunity and I bet you will enjoy it.


German Lunch Menu :

1. Spargel Creme Soup :


2. Spaetzle :


3. Springerle :


Try this German Lunch Menu and Enjoy !


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I luv food. My name is joshua
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hey joshua !!!! marry me ? you look like a spargle lover and your picture is FIT !!
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What are the ingredients?
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the ingredients are.. unknown.
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Hi Ganesh! The recipe links are directing me to a page with an error message. Could u pls fix it so that we can see the recipes too? Thanks and tk cre!
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whos ganesh ?
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please join the head cheese apreciateion club guys!!!! free samples for all members yuuuummy :D
German Lunch Menu