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Top 5 Winter Comfort Food Ideas

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With dropping mercury, the urge to eat warm and delicious food grows. Therefore, I here bring Top 5 Winter Comfort Food Ideas for you.

Hot Chocolate: What’s better than a cup of rich hot chocolate, sprinkled with chocolate and topped with marshmallows, when your hands are freezing from the chilling temperature outside. If you are a die-hard fan of melted chocolate, then dip chocolate Tim Tam’s in your cup and enjoy it on a cold windy day.

Crispy Fried Chicken: As delicious as the name, this crispy golden brown fried chicken is a favorite of all. Season it with sage and oregano and serve hot, its aroma and delicious taste will undoubtedly win everyone’s heart. Pick some delicious recipes from this ifoodtv link.

Macaroni: Kids love macaronis and so do the grown-ups. Pair it with different cheese flavors and always serve hot in chilly winter. This is a staple dinner food at my place especially on Fridays. Try this recipe at

Soups: Hot soups are one of the best comfort foods everyone likes during snowy winters. You can make soup at home or buy ready-to-heat packets from grocery stores. You can also modify recipes according to your family’s tastes. My kids like carrots and tomato ones and my husband loves chunky chicken noodle soup.

Meat & Potato: For hearty eaters, create a traditional meal with potatoes and classic red meat recipes. Try creamed beef, mashed potatoes, chili-laden baked potatoes or simply roasted potatoes. Try buffalo meat as healthy choice or simply go with beef or lamb.

Hope these winter-treats will keep you warm and cozy when it snows! Enjoy!

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Top 5 Winter Comfort Food Ideas