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Bento Lunch Box Ideas: Cool Kid's Lunch Boxes

Bento Lunch Box Ideas: Cool Kid's Lunch Boxes! After doing some serious research on the bento lunch boxes, I am quite convinced that they could be the solution to America's growing child obesity problems. A lot people are probably thinking, how this ordinary lunch box available in the local Wal-mart Discount Store is going to affect the world. Well, to be perfectly honest and to break your bubble, the original idea behind the bento box is remotely American; it is Japanese.


Yes, the Bento box is a traditional Japanese lunch box container that was designed to serve a meal rich with colors, flavors and textures. I have always felt that the Japanese are very healthy folks, considering the fact that they eat in small portions and eat a lot of fish. Well, as it turns out, I am right, but there is more to it. I found out that the contents in a Bento box are filled in a particular pattern; 4:3:2:1. The meal comprises of 4 parts of rice, 3 parts of meat or fish, 2 parts of fruits and vegetables and 1 part dessert. Talk about a healthy, balanced meal! And by the way, the Japanese desserts will never be dripping in sugary goo. America has many lessons to learn about healthy eating from the Japanese.



If you are a mother looking for some interesting ways to make your kid eat right at school or elsewhere, then I think that you are in the right place. When I was a kid, the juices from my sandwich would sometimes spill inside the brown paper bag and would kinda soften and tear the bag itself. My mother is a working woman and I'm not blaming her for making an occasional leaky sandwich. But on the days of the leaky sandwich, I have desperately wished for a fancier meal. I wish I had the Bento box when I was a kid. Kids love colorful things. If their food is colorful and has variety, then the chances are that they will eat everything in the box. Just remember the 4:3:2:1 ratio and you can make a wide range of mix and match food combinations.


To do all this, you need to have the time. If you are a stay at home mom or dad, you can do fancy lunches for your kid 3 to 4 times a week. But if you are a working parent, you can do this once or twice a week. Either way, I'm sure that you will enjoy making these lunches for your kids as much as they would enjoy eating it.


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Bento Lunch Box Ideas: Cool Kid's Lunch Boxes