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Quick Holiday Desserts For Last Minute Holiday Party

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“Please tell me about some quick holiday desserts for last minute holiday party” – begged Caroline, who got petered on hearing that some of her friends are dropping in for a last minute party.  I readily helped her out because over the years I have experimented with some quick recipes to serve friends attending my last minute parties.  I will be happy to repeat the same here once again.


Here are some of the super quick holiday desserts for last minute holiday party:


Chocolate spoons:  Chocolate spoons!! Yes, chocolate spoons are one of my favorite desserts, which have made me famous in my friends' circle. It is quite easy to prepare it, given the fact you have some plastic spoons, chocolate and sprinkles ready. Melt the chocolate and dip the plastic spoons into them and roll them over crushed nuts or sprinkles. Allow them to dry on the waxed paper. Or you can chill them in refrigerator if you wish to serve them cold.


Hello Dolly Bars: Dilly dally very dolly! My cousins used to shout these words on seeing their favorite dolly bars. These dolly bars are also called “Magic Bars” or “Seven Layer Bars”. You just need to arrange layers of chocolates, sweetened coconut, butterscotch morsels, and chopped pecans or any other dry fruit on the graham crackers (you can add the ingredients of your choice) and soak it in low fat-condensed milk. Then bake these bars for 25 minutes at 350 degree. Now the crunchy dolly bars are ready to be served.


Caramel popcorn: I can simply call it the easiest dessert on earth.  This is one of those few desserts, which everyone can snap quickly without fail. You need to cook up some popcorn and spread it on the greased baking sheet.  Pour a sweetened warm mixture of vanilla extract, corn syrup, salt, butter and brown sugar over the popcorn and bake it for 15 minutes at 250 degrees. Open the oven and stir the mixture at regular intervals and bake the popcorn for around an hour.  Cool the popcorns, break them and store in air tight containers.


Hope you will enjoy serving these desserts at a holiday party. 


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Quick Holiday Desserts For Last Minute Holiday Party