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Best 5 Vegetarian Desserts For The Holidays

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Here are best 5 vegetarian desserts for holidays which you can prepare for your family as well as guests who drop in. These desserts for the holidays are easy to prepare and can be had at anytime of the day. Prepared with simple ingredients, which we normally have at home, these can make some really very interesting desserts.


Chocolate granola candies – Any chocolate based dessert is loved by kids and when such a dessert is prepared with vegan chocolate chips and granola, it has to be mouthwatering. The chocolate chips are first melted in a microwave oven or over low heat. Once the chocolate is removed from heat, you can keep adding the granola and let them cool before you serve these candies.


Pumpkin cake cookies – These are very easy to prepare vegan cookies, especially because you will be preparing it with a cake mix. You need pumpkin, cake mix, chocolate chips and cocoa powder to prepare these delicious cookies. The ingredients are all well mixed and then baked on a pre-heated oven for twelve minutes. The cookies can be served once they cool down.


Banana pudding – Any holiday dessert is incomplete without pudding. If you prepare a fruit pudding it adds to the nutrition count too. To prepare this banana pudding, you need to include banana, soft tofu, cocoa powder and sugar. The ingredients are all processed in a blender, till you get a very smooth mixture. Once mixed well, these need to be refrigerated before serving after topping them with sliced strawberries and other fruits of your choice.  


Yogurt pie – This is often referred to as a diet dessert, since it is a very low fat dessert. This is one of those few holiday desserts which can be prepared in just 5 minutes time. To prepare this dessert, you will need vegan cream, soy yogurt and pie crust. The yogurt needs to be well mixed till it becomes smooth and then poured into a pie crust. This pie needs to be frozen for at least two hours after which it is served.


Baked Tortilla chips – These sweet chips with a cinnamon touch are loved by kids as well as adults as their everyday dessert or party dessert. It takes a little time to prepare these chips and you can prepare them even after some guests drop in suddenly at home. To prepare these chips you will need melted margarine, cinnamon, sugar and flour tortillas. These tortillas are sliced in the shape of pizzas and drizzled with melted margarine. To enhance their taste, they are normally sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. These can be baked till you get the desired crispiness of the chips. 


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Best 5 Vegetarian Desserts For The Holidays