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Best 5 Holiday Dessert Ideas For A Gluten Free Holiday

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Here is how you can make your desserts the gluten free way


Though it is great fun having people over, and catching up on old and new times, hosting a holiday party can get a little overwhelming, especially when you think of all the preferences, needs and habits of your guests. It is then that the excitement is overtaken by the anxiety, and panic sets in. Fixing up a meal can be a real challenge, especially when you have to include all their preferences or have to eliminate specific food items like meat, sugar, milk salt etc. It will work well if things are planned in advance.


Preparing a gluten free meal, can be a tough job, but the work gets tougher when one has to make gluten free desserts. Do understand that mainstream desserts like cakes, cookies and pies contain gluten, but their recipes can be transformed into gluten free delights by making some minor corrections.


Alternatives You Can Use


The latest boon to most homemakers is the gluten free flour, which can give you bakery like perfection, without the additional fat. This gluten free flour can be used as a substitute for normal flour in a one is to one ratio. You can try the Gifts Of Nature All Purpose Flour Blend or the Tom Sawyer Gluten Free Flour.



Instead of whole or skimmed milk, you can try out the soy milk or the almond milk, which will give you the desired effect. While cooking using butter, opt for the fat free variety, which is easy to come by.



What To Make

For dessert you can now make a lighter than air chocolate cake using gluten free ingredients, you can also make the carrot cake, which is healthier and with a lot more texture to it. The strawberry cake will also be a good alternative, provided you give it the gluten free make over. Ice creams can also be a good idea, provided they are homemade and you have been careful about what is used.



If you are willing to search there are many gluten free dessert recipes on ifoodtv itself, and you can easily use them for baking your next batch. Your local library might also yield some results and you can try asking your friends and family for tips. As a lot of people have been diagnosed with gluten intolerance, it is only natural that this method will find more takers.



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Best 5 Holiday Dessert Ideas For A Gluten Free Holiday