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Top 10 Winter Comfort Foods

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When the mercury drops many of us love to recoil within our warm clothes and enjoy something warm, but nothing can be as comforting as some hot piping food. Here are some of our favorite winter comfort foods, that are easy to make and taste great!






Oatmeal: is an easy-to-prepare meal that is both warm and filling. All you need to do is boil 1 cup milk or water with 1/2 cup oatmeal for a few minutes on the stove top, stirring constantly. Once it thickens, remove the oatmeal, pour it into a bowl and top it with winter berries. Oatmeal is low in GI and it also helps fill you up for the entire morning.


Smoked Salmon and Spinach Omelet: Unlike  your typical omelet, this omelet is prepared using creamy mascarpone cheese, smoked salmon, and baby spinach. This delicious and substantial dish will lead you through the hectic day. Simply whisk together 2 eggs (egg whites can also be used as a substitute), pour into a hot pan making sure the entire bottom of the pan is covered by the egg mixture. Then, as the eggs cook, add the mascarpone cheese, spinach and smoked salmon to one side. Then, take the opposite side of the egg mixture with nothing in it and pull it over to cover the toppings-side of the omelet. This will ensure that your omelet melds together before you flip it to finish cooking the other side. 


French toast with almonds and berries:  French Toast is a perfect way of shaking off a shivery morning. Click here for one of our favorite French Toast recipes, and once you're finished, simply toss some berries and almonds together in poweded sugar and use this as a topping for your French Toast! 


Crockpot Chicken Chili:  This recipe is great because using a slow-cooker means you can put everything together in the morning, let it sit all day while you're out, and then come back home in the evening to a dinner that's ready to go! We love this recipe because it's hearty enough to beat the cold winter, but still healthy. 


Macaroni and Cheese:  Macaroni and cheese is one of the best dishes amongst winter comfort foods. You can replace the regular fat cheese, and whole milk, with low-fat cheese and fat-free, or reduced-fat milk. This three cheese mac and cheese is definitely one of our all-time favorite recipes for comfort foods.  


Soy Marinated Chicken with Mashed Potato: You can churn out this simple dish by combining soy sauce, honey, and some orange zest. Let the chicken marinate in this sauce for an hour to two hours and then stir-fry until cooked thoroughly. Mashed potatoes are rich, and spreading the chicken on a mashed potato bed adds the creaminess that this particular dish needs.


Sausage and Mushroom Stew:  The actual essence of this sausage and mushroom stew lies within its nutrient packed ingredients. You can use lean Italian chicken sausage, or turkey sausage to prepare a healthy version of this stew. Seve it with a side of whole grain crackers or bread and you're ready to go!


Chicken Pot Pie: Chicken pot pie is another one of our favorite comfort foods. The creaminess of the inside combined with the flakiness of the crust, makes this dish savory and filling. One of our favorite recipes for chicken pot pie comes from Caitlin Cooks and you get it right here!


Apple Crunch:  The apple crunch is enveloped by custard and topped with oats. You can perhaps serve it during the tea time or as a weekend treat. You can give it to your kids after they return from a tiring day at the football field.


Sticky Date Puddings:  This pudding is a typical dessert for the chilly winter months.  You can prepare this pudding in advance and store it for long time. You only need to reheat it at the time of use. You cannot ignore the warmness of the caramel sauce seeping through this date delight. 


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Top 10 Winter Comfort Foods