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Best 5 Chocolate Treats To Serve On Chocolate Day

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Considering the fact that there is hardly anyone who does not like to indulge in chocolates, it is justified that an entire day is dedicated to chocolates and celebrated as chocolate day. Read on to know what are the best 5 chocolate treats to serve on chocolate day with our guide on chocolate day treats.


Some delightful chocolate treats


Celebrate a ‘chocolaty’ chocolate day with these delicious treats.


Chocolate banana treats


A yummy frozen chocolate dessert, this one resembles a banana Popsicle covered with a thick layer of chocolate. You can use different types of garnishing such as chopped nuts, powdered sugar on the banana Popsicle or can eat them plain.


Nutty chocolate treats


A lovely chocolate treat prepared using quick rolled oats, walnuts and cocoa. Chocolate covered oats and nuts taste great when eaten and are a lovely treat to serve on chocolate day.


Chocolate fruits balls


Apricots, dried raisins and cherries, grated orange zest are mixed with melted dark chocolate and rolled into balls. Frozen overnight, to allow the melted chocolate to set, the balls are again dipped in melted chocolate to give the balls an even chocolate finish. A refreshing chocolate day treat!


Chocolate marshmallow dip


Take large sized marshmallows, insert a toothpick in them and dip them in melted sauce until an even chocolate layer spreads over the marshmallows. Roll in crushed graham crackers and allow them to cool. A soft and chewy chocolate delight!


Crunchy mars bars


A creamy, chocolate delight, crunchy mars bars are prepared by melting mars bars with margarine and adding the rice crispies to the mixture. The mixture is kept aside to cool down and set. A thick layer or melted chocolate is spread over the mixture and the mixture is allowed to cool. Once cooled, it is cut into squares and eaten.


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Best 5 Chocolate Treats To Serve On Chocolate Day