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Best 5 Kwanzaa Desserts For Karuma

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If you are planning to host a Karuma feast for your African American friends’ then add on to their delight by including some of the best and well loved traditional kwanza desserts. The options for the best 5 kwanzaa desserts for Karuma feast have been discussed below! Dig in for a sweet treat!

Kwanzaa desserts


Discussed below are some of the common food options for Kwanza desserts.


Sweet Potato pie


This traditional Kwanzaa dessert is a delightful and a quick bake option for a karuma feast. Comprising of sweet potatoes and tofu, and spiced up with nutmeg and cinnamon, this is a much enjoyed Karuma meal dessert.


Coconut pie


Another common inclusion at almost all the Kwanzaa parties, coconut pie is a luscious, creamy treat prepared by using coconut and vanilla extract. A quick bake, this dish is a widely enjoyed at Karuma parties.


Benne wafers


A sweet snack item that can be served before meal or after the Karuma meal, benne wafers are sesame seed cookies which have brown sugar added for sweetness. A delicious dessert option, this can be prepared well in advance and stored in air tight container to retain the crunchiness and served after the Karuma meal.


Pecan pie


A wonderful pie prepared using pecan nuts and corn syrup, this pie is very popular at Kwanza parties. Different flavors such as chocolate or vanilla may be added. The pie is often served with a generous dollop of whipped cream on the side.


Banana cake


A mainstay at karuma feast menus, banana cake contains generous amounts of mashed bananas mixed with flour which is then baked. To retain the authentic banana flavor, no other food flavors are added. Your guests would adore digging into this thick, creamy and delicious banana cake.


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Best 5 Kwanzaa Desserts For Karuma