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Breakfast Improves Metabolic Rate - Eat Breakfast Daily

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we all know that, but why exactly? The primary reason is because brekafast inhibits and improves our metabolic rate. That’s right! Not only is breakfast good for our health, but it is also essential for providing our bodies with the energy required to carry out metabolic processes throughout the day.














What is metabolic syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome, or diseases that are related to abdominal obesity, insulin resistance, and high triglycerides, increases our risk of cardiovascular diseases. That being said, let’s find out how breakfast improves metabolic rate and thus, helps prevent these diseases. 

A study was done on mice to find the risk of developing metabolic syndrome when a particular food was eaten in relation to the time it was consumed.The research showed that mice that were fed with high fat meal after they woke up had normal rate of metabolism as opposed to mice that were fed with high carbohydrate foods after waking up and had consumed a high-fat meal the night before. The later group of mice showed more weight gain, glucose intolerance, adiposity and many other forms of metabolic syndrome.


Breakfast is critical for sustained, good health because it turns on the body’s metabolism and fuels it throughout the day. Eating a fat rich diet for breakfast stimulates the fat metabolism process efficiently and also enables the body to react positively to various types of foods eaten for the rest of the day. In other words, a high-fat (good fat that is, i.e. nuts, lean meat, etc) breakfast is essential in converting all types of food into energy. 


So if you want to stay slim and healthy, then remember breakfast improves metabolic rate which is why we should try to eat breakfast daily.


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Breakfast Improves Metabolic Rate - Eat Breakfast Daily