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Great Recipes From Dinner Leftovers

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It is celebration time... a time when the entire family gets together at the dinner table for a yummilicious meal. And it is natural under such circumstances to get carried away. It happens to me all the time, almost always, there are left overs. But, it is never a cause for worry, because one can always make some great meals with left overs. Here are some simple tips on how you can make the most of left overs.


The first step is to freeze your left overs. You do not want to leave them out in the open, because the chances of them getting spoilt are higher in that case. Pack each item into separate zip lock packets, and store them away inside your freezer. You can always take them out and use them as and when you need them.


Rice makeover

Chop in a veggies, add a little butter and toss them with your left over rice, to make some vegetable pulao. You can also try making pudding with rice, or can convert it into fried rice or salad. As the rice is already cooked, these new dishes you make, can be prepared in a jiffy, as cooking time is considerably reduced.


Potato magic

You can always modify potatoes, even if they are baked or mashed. In fact, chances are that they will taste better in their new form. You can always add the baked potatoes into your soup, to give it some extra thickness. If they are mashed, you can always use them, as base for your pie. Try making potato chicken pie or the classic shepherds pie. 


Veggie delight

If you have some left over beans or vegetables from the previous meal, then worry not. You can always use them as the final ingredient in a vegetarian curry or meal. Or you can pack it up as light lunch or appetizer. You can also snack on them when hunger strikes. What you could also do is make some vegetable soup or pie. As both these dishes can easily be prepared just the way you want, you have nothing to worry about.


Beef it up!

If you have left over beef, there are a million things you can do with it. Roast them, make steak or mince them up, and make deep fried patties. You could also add them to your pastas. In a way, its a left over, worth having!


Don't be chicken

If you have left over chicken or turkey in the fridge, the easiest and the yummiest way to make use of them, will be to turn them into pizzas. You can also add them into your soups, or make it into sandwiches or salads with a little bit of mayonnaise.


Make some bread

You bread loafs can easily be converted into french toast. Beat some eggs, with a table spoon or two of sugar, dip the bread into it and toast it. You can also convert them into chilly, cheese toast. The cheesiness clubbed with the spicy crunchiness of chillies, will do you good, and will keep those bread from going stale.


You could try these delicious ideas, and create some magic at home with leftovers from your holiday feast.

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Great Recipes From Dinner Leftovers