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Best 5 Kosher Foods For First Night Of Chanukah

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kosher chocolateHanukkah or Chanukah as the Jewish festival of lights is also known as, is all about celebrating in style.  You do certainly have to taste the best 5 kosher foods for first night of Chanukah once you get ready to commemorate the miraculous event in the Temple of Jerusalem. But the main idea behind preparing or even eating is to keep it strictly limited to kosher foods. After all, the festival of lights is all about the deep seated belief of the Jewish brethren and it will certainly not do if you cannot satiate yourself by sticking to kosher foods.


However, the onus of conforming to the rituals by consuming only kosher foods during Chanukah is a trifle more difficult than it is during the other festivals like Passover or Christmas. For one, Chanukah is not about having a huge elaborate meal prepared where every morsel is strictly checked and re checked in order to include only  kosher foods in the menu. Chanukah is more concerned with the children and decoration of the house and the accompanying food is more or less of a snack or the type known as finger food.


The best 5 kosher foods for first night of Chanukah is therefore not a ritual in itself but a time for enjoyment. Some of the delicacies which in accordance with the Jewish dietary laws are kosher foods are also deeply satisfying and may be reckoned as comfort foods to some extent. Let us now take a look at the most interesting tid-bits that help to make the festival of lights more joyous with every passing year.


Latkes - The traditional cheesecake prepared in honor of Judith has now given way to the savory potato and onion variety.


Dreidel - This interesting game played by kids during Chanukah requires chocolate coins as currency. It is very important for each kid to possess a substantial number of kosher foods in the form of chocolate coins on the verey first night of Chanukah.    


Sufganiyot - One of the most elaborate kosher foods is the sweet doughnut prepared from honey and sugar and flavored with the  tangy  aroma of orange.


Kugel - The baked pudding originating from the steamed dumpling of German origin is still a staple kosher food on all occasions be it a holiday or Chanukah.


Cookies - Artfully shaped cookies in the form of the traditional Menorah or the star of David are considered to be one among the best 5 kosher foods for first night of Chanukah.


Fried foods are served during the entire period of Chanukah and the oil particularly the olive oil is considered to be auspicious lending the occasion of Chanukah the required piety during the fun and festivities.


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Best 5 Kosher Foods For First Night Of Chanukah