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Popular Bihari Snacks Menu

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Bihari snacks comprise food items in Bihar that are quick to prepare, spicy, usually fried, and eaten in the evening or morning with tea or with any one of the meals as a side-dish. Popular Bihari Snacks  are Pakoras.













                                 Hari Chutney





                            ( )




                                       HOT TEA


                      ( )


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Please type Bihar, India rather than Bihar/India. Tags should be separated by comma for better classification.
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I also add Tomato chutney or ketchup to further enhance flavor.
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go bihar! great stuff 
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Mr. Khan, You are absolutely correct.Bihar is Hotspot for Yankee stuffs.............
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Hey its widely prepared by south as well as north indians and not just biharis..and in south indian people also prepare capsicum/ gourd /cabbage/ methi /green chillies jack fruit etc etc..kinda pakoras (bajji's)
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Yes Pakora or bhaji, bhajjia are popular everywhere with slight variation of recipe and method. It will be great if you post some South and West India menus, while I and Mr. Dutta take care of east and north.
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lol...great but then the question arises as to how much we know about the zones and their recipes there might be so many things that am not aware of south or west n similarly with you guys or may be we know a lot still it could be less..So lets share all that we know :) is that fine instead of sticking onto zones..
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Sounds good. I think menus (some folks call it meal too) helps non-native person a lot. I have seen people enjoying all kind of food combination in restaurants some of which may appear unusual to native folks. Furthermore, Menus also help in balancing the food from nutrition point of view.
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 Pakora  may be widely prepared. Here i give only a snack menu that is very popular in Bihar. But this is a universal truth "GO BIHAR: GREAT STUFFS"
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Mr Dutta good to see that you are from the same place as First president of India. Your blogs definitely show leadership quality.
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Nisha,No doubt, you have a great discussion skill. Keep it up……Here “WAR OF ZONES” is not a issue, main issue is related to…..’lots of recipe without menus’. So,  I think you got my point. And  Master 2006,Thanks for compliments!
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First of all thanks. Coming to menus,i feel its not all that member friendly(no offence)I'm not sure how i should be editting it.well from next time on i shall try my best to fill it all up.