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Top 5 Maple Syrup Recipes

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One of the most common ways of using maple syrup is by dripping it over your pancakes. Learn new ways to use maple syrup with our guide on top 5 maple syrup recipes and make your favorite sweetener a part of your regular snacks and salads. Bon Appétit!


Maple syrup is a thick sweetener that is derived from the sap of maple tree. Maple syrup is widely used in baking as a substitute for other types of sweeteners.  It is widely used as a sweetener in tea as an alternative to honey. The syrup is also added on top of cakes, waffles, cookies as a topping. 


Maple syrup recipe ideas


As the true maple syrup is very expensive to buy, so a number of low cost imitations of maple syrup are available in the market, which taste similar to an authentic maple syrup. Discussed below are some of the maple syrup recipe ideas:


Roasted salmon marinated in maple syrup


A marinade prepared with maple syrup, soy sauce, lemon juice and ginger root when used over the salmon adds a delicious flavor to the roasted salmon. The sweet flavor of the maple syrup adds to the salty flavor of the roasted salmon.


Cabbage slaw with a bacon dressing


This dish is prepared by sautéing cabbage, leeks in a slaw prepared with both red and green cabbage. The special dressing is prepared with bacon pieces, a dash of maple syrup and apple-cider vinegar.


Sweet Potato biscuits


Biscuits prepared using sweet potato, cornmeal, maple syrup, pecans and butter serve as an excellent snack item that can be served with tea. A sweet, salty delicacy, the sweet potato biscuits are a popular snack item.


Chocolate chip and maple syrup shortbread



The sweet bread is prepared using both maple syrup and maple sugar and is an excellent tea time snack item. The nutty chocolate chips rolled in maple syrup taste perfect as an evening snack.


Gorgonzola-pear salad sweetened with syrup


A dash of maple syrup added to the pear salad turns the salad into a gourmet delight. Pear slices used in the salad are warmed slightly, which makes the slices soft and also helps in  releasing their fruit sugar. When tossed with maple syrup, the entire salad turns into a sweet delight. 


Maple syrup can be added to beverages, salads, desserts, baked items as it adds a delicious sweet flavor to the dishes. So, add a spoon or two of maple syrup to your regular dishes and enjoy a lovely snack.


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Top 5 Maple Syrup Recipes