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Top 10 Continental Breakfast Ideas

Why a look-up on top 10 continental breakfast ideas? - Becasue, breakfast holds the key to keep you ticking the whole day. It is like refilling the fuel-tank of your body, to keep you on high-octane. Continental breakfast, with its simple, nutritious and healthy make-up is a chosen pick, and has therefore ,transcended geography and cultures to become the “continental” choice. Read on to know more about the continental ‘breed’ of breakfast and prop yourself up with top 10 continental breakfast ideas.

The continental make of breakfast usually comprises fruits, sweet and savory baked items, and beverages. Fruits may include bananas, oranges and apples, the exotic and seasonal variety; for beverages, coffee is a must and bagels is a popular bake as a part of continental breakfast.

Here are a few tips to build on top 10 continental breakfast ideas:-

•    Walnut waffles toasted : You want health at the cost of minimal calories and,  energy to boost you up at the same time. So walnut waffles made of whole wheat and sprinkled with ground toasted walnuts bucks you up for the day ahead. What’s more, the conventional sweetener namely sugar(more notorious for its zero-nutrient, high calorie-content) is substituted by the healthful blueberry sauce.

•    Grape fruit with whole-wheat toast and almond butter : Proteins are a rich, sustainable source of energy and you get the carbohydrates from the wheat toast (with high-fiber content as well). Almond butter for proteins, to top grape-fruit with its towering nutrient-value and the toast- a scrumptious breakfast to make it to the  top 10 continental breakfast ideas.

•    Strawberry-banana smoothie : Hulled Strawberries (10 in number), half a banana, a cup of orange juice, ice cubes, and zero-fat milk(or milk powder) and put it in the blender. And you have one of the top 10 continental breakfast ideas in the way of a smoothie to iron out the ‘wrinkling’ morning blues from your system.

•    Flaky butter croissants : In a combination of butter, eggs, yeast,  milk made into a dough, rolled out, folded into wedges and baked. A bake to remember for its inviting aroma and also as “rolling in health” factor- a must-include continental breakfast item.

•    Fruit marmalade : A mixture of grapefruit and oranges with small portion of lemon juice made into a marmalade , and you will be all set to spruce up your bakes with a yum, delightful, fruity, nutritious marmalade.

•    Cereals with dry-fruits: Breakfast cereals are almost omnipresent. Pep it up with a dash of cream or milk and sprinkle some raisins, slivered almonds and you can crunch upon cereals with nuts to do wonders for your health.

•    Fruit salad : If fruit marmalades side up well, then fruit –salads are the main accessory of a continental breakfast. You could make your own pick of fruits – a combination of three or five of them; setting a pairing of low-carb fruits and the sugared ones. Fruits on a platter such as the papaya, strawberries, blueberries, apples and bananas, cut in appropriate sizes makes your  fruit salad one of the top 10 continental breakfast ideas. You could even provide non-sweetened, whipped cream on the side, for a creamy, fulfilling dessert.

•    Chicken salad on cucumber :  Chicken salad made out of finely chopped chicken, spread over with mayo and sprinkled with caraway seeds;  a scoop of the chicken salad served on cucumber slices. A raw, wholesome continental breakfast item to keep you ticking and kicking through the day.

•    Egg casserole : What is a continental breakfast without eggs?  Hard-boiled, soft- boiled or egg casseroles?  A mix of eggs, bacon, breakfast sausage, cheddar cheese, green onions baked in muffin cups. No, you don’t arrive at egg muffins, but egg casseroles stuffed in nutrients, working its way up to give you the morning-sunshine boost.

•    Scrambled eggs and Omelets : Scrambled eggs can make a big difference with the combo of vegetables(meat) and herbs used, to serve it with a toast and so it is with omelets which can be prepared in myriad styles, serving variety on your breakfast platter  -  thus, scrambled eggs and omelets make it to the top 10 continental breakfast ideas.

•    Beverages and juices : Coffee is a popular continental beverage; fresh fruit juices(both seasonal and exotic) can also be included, to ‘juice up’ the items on the platter, and help you absorb the taste and health. Beverages and juices will help you gush down your breakfast, bathing your system in fulsome nourishment.

Breakfast means to “break the fast” after a minimum of 7 hour gap after night meals. And it’s imperative to bring back your metabolism to activity with optimum energy foods. What better way to greet the morning sunshine than with an energy dose from our top 10 continental breakfast ideas?

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Top 10 Continental Breakfast Ideas